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Artist and alchemist, Cat found her path upon developing a deep connection to ritual and spirit in the liminal space between worlds. Unable to escape the Shadow of her personal Underworld, she realized she needed to confront it. To plunge safely into the depths of the unexplored parts of herself that needed to be healed and set free. Committed to her practice, she continues to transcend limitations with the ability to move gracefully through every rebirth. 

She is humbled and honored to hold space for others on their personal journey into the space of limitless possibility. It is a privilege to navigate the seen and unseen in the physical, subtle and emotional body with others. Deeply moved by the holistic and experiential process of Shadow Work, she has received the most extraordinary gift–her own transformation and now, for the opportunity to witness courageous Souls accessing deeper levels of their psyche to fully embrace the divine within. 

Cat was introduced to the Panther Process when she began noticing repetitive and harmful patterns in her life. She was open minded and receptive to different methods of healing, but constantly frustrated that things were not changing around her. In her short time working with Kira, she learned how to reclaim and step into her power. In awe of Kira’s powerful, alchemical curations, Cat became dedicated to the process–in Panther group spaces and training programs, as well as in her personal practice. 

Cat became a Panther Apprentice under the tutelage of Kira Saundra after her Advanced Theta training and completing her required Panther Process Apprentice additional hours of discerned training. A devoted student of Kira and her process, she continues to deepen her knowledge and practice. She is also a 500 HR RYT, Reiki 2 certified, and currently finishing up her Evolutionary Astrology certification. All the while, training with Kira / in practice of other Panther methods, an impeccable practitioner in all Panther retreats, and holds Panther 1:1's with honor. 


Cat is forever grateful for the opportunity to contribute her essense to the magic of the Panther Process.


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