More information on what methods are used n Private Experiences

can be found on our Experiences page and a reminder of what it's all About.

Due to the intense bandwidth it takes to procure such powerful experiences,

clients are vetted and approved as Kira only likes to work with those committed who would authentically benefit from the work


I. Curated Transformational Programs

These programs are intense, bespoke and designed exclusively for each client.

Begins with an initial 1:1 experience, credit is applied to the program following.

***Kira only receives SELECT number of clients in Curated Panther 1:1 Programs at a time.

Inquire Here. 


II. Private Retreats 

A deep dive going through the tools inside Panther Methodology bespoke for each client. Infused with the PP landscapes, your specialized curation will include specially designed Panther Processes and x2 follow up calls. 


This approach is best for clientele that prefer the benefits of a high level immersive and be able take home a Panther tool box to integrate on their own. This is esp effective for those visiting from out of town and want to feel the effects of a transformational program in a short period of time. 


Each experience is as unique as each human. 

All are held safely in confidentiality. 

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Find out how its impacted others. 

... welcome to the next chapter of your life.