More information on what methods are used n Private Experiences

can be found on our Methodology page and a reminder of what it's all About.

I. Initial 1:1 Experience w/Kira

These are opportunities to work in an exclusive, laser focused container from anywhere in the world online or on location with Kira our Founder/Curator where she outlines a blueprint from your energetic, somatic, and psychological bodies assessing where/what needs to be integrated, healed, unblocked and up-leveled. This is a code for your life.  

Following, Curated Transformational Programs (see below) are designed. Payment for this experience is credited as a gift in support to your Program. If this Panther Experience is all you should need at this time, payment stands as is. 

**Due to the number of inquires Kira receives, and to ensure it is the right fit of energy, pls tell us why you want to work with her, a bit about where you are at right now, and what your expectations/needs are.

II. Drop in 1:1's

These Panther Experiences are single bookings.

Kira will allow Drop in 1:1's for her Panther Program graduates. She does not book them on a regular basis to all clients.


Cat, our gifted and powerful Panther Apprentice, accepts all clientele from beginner to Shadow Walker from everywhere in the world online or in-person at her studio in Upstate NY. During these personal 1:1's, Cat uses Panther modalities to guide you into your Shadows and beyond.


III. Curated Transformational Programs (Kira only)


Begins with an Initial 1:1 Booking (see above). These curated Panther Programs are highly effective in achieving pinnacle moments of profound change and lifelong results. Bespoke and designed exclusively for each client, Kira’s PP Curations also include 1:1 with other niche practitioners, guest list access to events/workshops, and detailed support. Read how they have impacted others here. 

IV. Private Retreats (Kira only)

This immersion is unique to our clientele working with Kira. 

They will spend 5 days/4 nights on the Oaxacan coast with our Curator / Founder herself in daily Panther Processes, additional 1:1’s with local practitioners, eating beautiful food, and luxurious integration time. This is an opportunity for our clients to get the combination of benefits from a Panther Program and a group retreat. In a short time, taking home a Pandora’s Box of techniques wrapped in an unforgettable experience.

Each experience is as unique as each human. 

All are held safely in confidentiality. 

Inquire via email for booking.

Find out how its impacted others. 

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