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"I am ever grateful and would recommend Panther to anyone who seeks a fearless, compassionate, otherworldly alliance while you drop into the blackest parts of your Shadow and hold the space for the essential transmutation as you work towards your own personal revolution."

-Arielle D.


Do you desire connective relationships filled with intimacy and honesty?

A new sense of clarity embracing 2021?

Do you want to feel FREE to be who you are?

Able to calm restlessness and anxiety?

Ready to have a FULLER life by being WHO you are?

Stop apologizing for being YOU?

Live your Dharma?

Embrace your Shadows?

Stop getting caught up in projections and self sabotage?

Through this opportunity you will have the experience to:

Clear anxiety

Honor and move through anger

Create SPACE in your life

Learn a bigger healing toolbox

Release shame 

Be more connected to your personal relationships

Find new pathways of Love

Create space in your body, mind, soul

Understand how to work with your Shadows

Enjoy like-minded community 


Return home to YOU

Discover new Truths

Have FUN

Process & integrate 2020

Transform pain into power to 5D 
Embrace FEARLESSNESS to take on 2021 & beyond

Be set on a pathway to RISE into Shadow Mastery and live your Dharma! 


An alchemy of Panther Experiences, art, energy, somatics and psychology - fused with the pre-Spanish culture of Mexico await you on the Oaxacan Coast dripping in sun and bougainvillea. 

Honor and privilege to curate this magic for you on ancient land.




What's included: (yet not limited to)


- 5 nights / 6 days of peaceful panoramic sea views in an 4-star eco-luxurious accommodation 

- Fabulous meals with fresh local ingredients 

-Xukulem: Mayan Fire Ceremony

- Limpia: traditional Mexican cleaning / exorcism

- TeMezcal

- AguaHara Water Therapy

- Daily Yoga / Panther Breathwork

- Live Sound 

- Cacao Ceremony w/local Oaxacan cacao

- Plethora of Panther Process Curated Workshops

- Community during the most transformative age of our lifetime

- Healing land, sun, sea, sand, cactus, butterflies, iguanas, fresh air, and the Soul of this land to hold you

- SAFE space, FREEDOM and JOY to be who you are !


++ option for 2 night extension that includes private 1:1 sessions, massage, most meals, day trip to the jewel of Cacaluta National Park, more.



.. and many more surprises, Panther Style.


What's NOT included:

- Your flight / airport transport

- Travel insurance of any kind

- Your experience... you are responsible for what you co-create in this container 

- Any 1:1 private work w/Kira or Cat, any 1:1 private work outside of what is included in the 2- day extension 

- Several meals so you can explore local cuisine

- Air conditioning: its Oaxaca! We dig fresh air and fans here.


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