R    I    S    E

"You will never be the same again"

San Agustinillo, Oaxaca, Mexico

M A R C H  19TH - 26TH 2022

ONLY waitlist guests offered first access to book + secret promotional pricing.

Video copy taken directly from participants

"What hath She done to me, again?

I am clearer, more fearless, more trusting, more joyful, more ME, and dare I say, trusting of divine masculine as well...

When I first experienced Panther, I was literally broken.

I remember being late and hurriedly running into Woom Center to do breathwork with a 4 day old cast around my broken wrist- shivering still from the trauma of a bad car accident combined with potent but misguided psychedelic trips. It was my first breathwork, and I remember the feeling of the cells in my bone fusing together.

For some unknown reason my terrified heart genuinely trusted this woman’s work without even seeing her face clearly in the dark. 

It took years for me to feel unintimidated by Kira- her sharp words , truth bombs, and face of beauty was, and still is an obsidian mirror - if I ask it something will it give me the truth?

Always. Am I ready for the answer? Never...

Underneath her high priestess wizardry, she is a warm clown with a heart of pure Gold.

That seems to be the ceaseless fire that fuels her services, alongside her strong ancestry and connection to divinity. What I learn from Panther is timeless wisdom and practice...an etheric place I can call Home within the Matrix. It sounds cliche but this tribe is where I belong because it aligns with my truth and values of absolute realness, a no bullshit zone. Within this space I was born and reborn again and again, unlearning and shedding and transforming and alchemizing at an alarming speed.


I’d follow Kira all over the world to unlock secrets of our subconscious and even cosmos together; to die and re-emerge in potent portals of this Earth.


What a blessing to have this community and support during this time in history.

I’m honored to walk alongside some of the worlds most incredible and fierce humans I’ve ever met through Kira and the Panther Process. Never really ready for what’s next, but I AM HERE, always supported, grounded, embodying JOY- words that weren’t in my vocabulary have been repainted and weaved into my new emotional landscape.


From the depths of my Soul"

"A peak moment that changes your life: that you can never unsee or unfeel that will forever be remembered."
"I can see very clearly how impactful and transformative and essential the fruit of this work was - I needed it."
panther6 (1).jpg
"I feel so supported, which is not something I am used to or comfortable with. Inside Panther is the first moment I felt free in my life."
"Kira is the most sweetest and terrifying person I have ever met. She is a portal in herself. Truly an integral practitioner and I trust her practice ...more than anything."
"Kira is no bullshit - she's not on some ego trip trying to 'heal you.' "

"Transformative, vast, and fun...it's really really fun."
Panther2 (1).jpg
"Woo! This is deep, confronting and transformative...my joy and brightness are coming back."
"It's a safe deep dark mirror in which you really get to see yourself, your process, your patterns- the things that no longer serve you. It offers you the medicine you need to see to break those patterns, own them, and reclaim the power of your humanity."

What is RISE?

Who is RISE for?

Geared toward creatives, leaders, visionaries, & entrepreneurs, this offering is a stunning opportunity at the precipice of a New Age to elevate into a 5th Dimensional self.

To offer more to the world, yourself, and your relationships than you ever thought possible as the true LEGENDARY embodiment of who are you born to be.  

Those who are preparing for the new world emerging, in transition seeking clarity, 
or who have been through "spiritual" programming that didn't penetrate deep enough - this is for you.

This is not a standard retreat, this is an initiation.

This is not a guided tour disguised as a "transformational" retreat.

This is not a plant medicine retreat.

The Panther Process offers its' copyrighted, highly dynamic curated programs that incorporate an alchemy of modalities from around the world into transformative experiences that create lifelong results. Each day is curated to each element (Fire , Water, Air, Earth) in alignment with the corresponding chakra points of Shadow emotions. 

It's intentional down to the detail.

RISE includes

(but is not limited to...)

  • Beach front architecturally designed eco- luxury accommodation for 6 (or 7 ***) nights 

  • Private chef  (organic whenever possible)

  • Both private + common area pools with sacred geometry

  • Meticulously Curated Panther Programming 

  • Personal access to Kira's private network of expert guest practitioners

  • Daily Yoga / BreathWork

  • Traditional clay TeMezcal with an elder of natural medicine

  • Xukulem (Mayan Fire Ceremony)

  • Agua Hara Water Therapy

  • Ceremony with an elder Chief of Sundance 

  • Art / Expression / Movement

  • Personally curated 1:1 experience with an expert based on how YOU evolve that week ***

  • Group calls post retreat to support your integration ***

  • Extra night on property w/ bonus day of surprise adventure ***

*** for RISE 5D only. 


... more to be revealed.


ONLY waitlist guests offered first access to book + secret promotional pricing.


Shared Luxury Cabin w/private pool

Air-conditioned Suite
$5555 – Private 
$3955 – Shared (with 2 beds)


$500 extra–includes everything with *** above.
Inquire for more details.

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Payment information

ONLY waitlist guests offered first access to book + secret promotional pricing.

  • Payment plans available case by case

  • Credit card payments or  VENMO or WISE transfers accepted

  • A nonrefundable deposit of 2k USD is required to secure your place. In the event of an emergency, deposit can be applied to other Panther services.