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This sacred retreat space has been in the making for 2 years. Upon first coming here in 2019 I had already begun planning this process for all of you vortexed in to make this the POTENT container it will be.


The Oaxacan coast is glazed in cactus, pink sunsets, pristine beaches (some nude!), turtles, whales, dolphins, iguanas, cacao, culture, and dripping in bougainvillea.


An alchemy of Panther Experiences, art, energy, somatics and psychology - fused with the pre-Spanish culture of Mexico. The realms of Quetzalcoatl, the "Tonal" and the "Nagual" - the things the light touches, the material world and the Shadows / dream space.


The depth of Fear we have been instilled with from the powers that be shall have no power over us. The Shame we incurred from childhood wounding and lineage trauma shall be hereby void and completed. From Pain to Power to 5D.


We have been charged with in this life a RISE to our Dharma.

A RISE to become Shadow Masters in ways never thought possible.

This retreat is for those called to RISE within...and to take a BREATH.


It is my honor and privilege to be back in action in person to curate this magic for you on ancient land.

Welcome to the Oaxacan coast.




What's included: (yet not limited to)


- 5 nights / 6 days of peaceful, panoramic sea views in an 4-star eco-luxurious accommodation w/ top quality beds and linens to ensure rest after your adventurous days

- Lovingly prepared full coursed fabulous meals with local ingredients (w/some free meal time on your own to explore local cuisine)

-Xukulem: Mayan Fire Ceremony

- Limpia: traditional Mexican cleaning / exorcism

- TeMezcal

- AguaHara Water Therapy

- Daily Yoga / Panther Breathwork

- Live Sound / Dance / Performance

- Cacao Ceremony w/local Oaxacan cacao

- Plethora of Panther Process Curated Workshops

- Community during the most transformative age of our lifetime

- Healing land, sun, sea, sand, cactus, butterflies, iguanas, fresh air, and the Soul of this land to hold you

- SAFE space, FREEDOM and JOY to be who you are !


++ option for 2 night extension that includes private 1:1 sessions, massage, most meals, day trip to the jewel of Cacaluta National Park, more.



.. and many more surprises, Panther Style.


What's NOT included:

- Your flight / airport transport

- Travel insurance of any kind

- Your experience... you are responsible for what you co-create in this container with us

- Any 1:1 private work w/Kira or Cat, any 1:1 private work outside of what is included in the 2- day extension 

- Several meals so you can explore local cuisine

- Air conditioning: its Oaxaca! We dig fresh air and fans here.


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