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Times of Exhaustion and Defeat: How We Rise

"Worlds are turning, and we're just hanging on, Facing our Fear and standing out there alone. Things look so bad everywhere, In this world, what it is for? We walk blind and try to see, Falling behind in what could be" This week I had dinner with a friend I've known for almost a decade, Lucy. I've always admired her, saw how deeply radiant she was from the first interaction we had. The kind of radiant that could only come from the Shadow of Life. Feeling akin to her, she always felt like home by her vibration. I spoke that night of the weight of life, and choices I had to make that were impending. Over the course of a few hours she began to speak what she hadn't before without a pause, the epoch of her life. I listened with wide eyes, images swirling inside the projector that is my visionary landscape painting in technicolor. Watching her childhood being raised in an orphanage. Overcoming deep physical illness. Her adoption. Years laboring in a sweatshop forced by her step-mother without wage. Then she said, "We must RISE". I knew her being so transparent about her life at this moment was to remind me how strong I was. How strong WE are. It's in those deep moments of vulnerability we can mirror the way home. This Eclipse season through August with Mars RX (our will, Ego, conscious desire, sex, action) traveling with the S.Node (Karmic past, old familiar patterns) tells us its time to put a belief system, an outdated structure, an old wound to rest. It's something ancient we are used to - an exhausting weight we have been carrying for lifetimes that has finally caught up with our Egoic self. It might be buried so deep the conscious realization might not yet be witnessed, just a little voice... "why am I so tired?". There is a level of acceptance we are forced to face at this point: It is what it is, we are where we are. ...So now what? RISE. Put down the arms of battle and find a new depth to grow from. Without the brute force of the Mars will behind you, rise from a new place inside you. A new pattern. A new foundation that is appearing with the help of Uranus in Taurus breaking all the old down. Get into that 95% of uncharted territory that is your subconscious mind discovering a new strength. A new tool. Put down the sword, and rise with a quiver. Sharpen your aim, your alignment. Come from that highest alignment for yourself there is, the kind that only comes from unshakable integrity buried in your veins until it dissolves the untruth encasing whats left behind. "I could light the night up with my Soul on fire, I could make the sun shine from pure desire. Let me feel the love come over me. Let me feel how strong it could be. Bring me a higher Love. Bring me a higher Love."

Self - Mt. Batur, Bali, Indonesia

I believe in you. I believe in us. I believe in this world. In Grace, Kira

Lyrics by Steve Winwood / Will Jennings Higher Love, 1986 For Lucy, with Love.

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