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Why We Can't Hide From Our Bloodline

I'm like a tree. My leaves might change color, but my roots are the same. -Rose Namajunas **I recently wrote a piece on lineage Shadow as its been an important topic lately as I've just gotten my DNA results. Take a read and connect. "What does it mean to know where we come from: Is it the blood we’ve been given or the energetic path that we have chosen that offers us a deeper connection to self? Feeling safe and secure are the building blocks and boundaries of how we can function as healthy humans. Without it, nothing is sustainable. When we are connected to our bodies and feel held, anything is possible with a platform to jump into the void of creation.

Looking at the chakra system, Muladhara (translation from sanskrit “root support”) is this energetic piece that holds our survival, grounding and financial energies. It also holds the Shadow of Fear: I am alone, I am fragile, I don’t have the right to exist. If we disconnect from our lineage, do we disconnect from ourselves?

Many have underlying resentment, grief or anger Shadows toward their bloodline hidden in their subconscious that prevents them from a profound healing connecting them gracefully back into their bodies in ways they never knew they needed. I have held many healing practices in session, both in a group and privately, with those from diverse cultural backgrounds that carry this secret pain by denouncing a part of their identity or discovering trauma they never knew they had... " Read the piece HERE. A special announcement: On May 22nd Panther has its first multi-media installation feat the Jap art of Butoh, visual art, integrative sound, and beginning with Panther cacao + breath on vinyl. This is a very special evening offered at a special community price. I'm very excited to bring this experience to you. Always more to come. With Love and Grace, Kira xx

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