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Bondages of Fear: Denying a Full Experience of Life

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”- Proust.

This summer, the energies are held by the exact conjunction of Pluto/Saturn. The Lord of the Underworld and the Lord of Karma/Time don’t really give us a chance to ignore the current global transformation illuminating our collective Shadows at their core. Building since January, they were joined with the South Node (unresolved Shadow from the past) and have certainly led us on a wild ride in this first half of 2019, kicking up old wounding that we once thought resolved.

As we allow ourselves to take a breath this summer and dream our midsummer night dreams floating in the sea, wonderment floods our Spirit at the possibility of experiencing something new.

Where will I travel?

Who will I meet?

What will happen?

Will I fall in love?

Will I stay in love?

What will I create?

What will change when I get back?

As we open with each step forward, we shed skins revealing new layers in our mind, body, and soul, using the world as a mirror of discovery. Sometimes when exploring these new territories, we run into a friendly Shadow, Fear, who whispers from our subconscious: “it’s going to turn out the same as it did last time.” Before we know it, the fresh lens of hopeful discovery shifts into the old familiar patterns that keeps us from growth.

Our subconscious Fear loves a good story behind its choices and creates this inner dialogue that manifests into conscious statements like:
“I have no choice”
“It’s not safe”
“It doesn’t make sense to do it now”
“I’ll do it next time”
It stems from negative belief systems of failure, loss, security, and low self-worth, from lurking trauma unbeknownst to us, or trauma we thought was gone. It keeps us in the passenger seat of life keeping us in a state where everything is happening “to us” instead of being a co-creator of life in full responsibility.

Our “new” adventures play out with the same old results.

How can we shift being a Victim into being a co-creator? Our own Hero?

A Viking of uncharted oceans with courage abound so big and bright we discover what we never thought possible?

This is our stunning opportunity to use these karmic energies this summer. It doesn’t matter how far we wonder, it’s about how deep we can grow WITHIN. Without these dusty lenses of the past, we can live fully in FREEDOM, unfolding in technicolor only dreamed of. Imagine living that life without carrying the past… that dream can be a reality.

As I journey back to Bali this summer, which I called home for 3 years, I will see her in new lenses of my own and know it will once again be one hell of a ride.

The deepest ocean to play in is the emotional landscape within you… waiting to be discovered.

It never gets old, it just gets more exciting as you learn to swim.

You are a Creator. Wahe Guru.

Kira xx

***this piece was written for the Alchemist Kitchen located HERE.

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