“Curiosity will conquer fear even more than bravery will.”
— James Stephens


There are a thousand different techniques that guide us into our bodies, our center, our "home". And with each one that we practice (or ignore) we use it as a conduit to quell levels of anxiety, worry, and Fear that are generated when Life shakes us to the bone. Yet what happens when the energy lends itself to being insipidly thick that we can’t feel anything but... unprotected?

Most of the time, we can identify Fear when we see it. Deep from our subconscious layers of protection installed from our upbringing, our reptilian brain of survival and intuitive flow as sentient beings guide us in our daily lives deciphering how we survive in this complicated w...

"At the core of all Anger is a need that is not being fulfilled." 
-  Marshall B. Rosenberg

 Something triggered a wound recently and sent me into deeper layers with an old dear friend, Anger (elaborated on IG). It's been a wild ride discovering new layers and inside a situation I have no control over, which Anger loves to cameo. 

Perfect timing for Scorpio season and this New Moon, wouldn't you say?

Ah, the tune of Scorpionic Shadow melody... betrayal, abandonment, manipulation and full force relational triggers.
I'm sure our friend M.Rosenberg (founder of non-violent communication) even though a Libra, had some strong Scorpio lurking in his chart enough to want to psychoanalyze all our projections into some s...

July is nothing short of powerful highlights illuminating the dichotomy of where we feel at "home" - both in our emotional landscape and the outworld consensus reality. 

Cancer energy is the "voice" of emotional suppression. Its extremely sensitive energy and can be piercingly insecure -so is Capricorn.... even though the Goat energy flees to the mountains for space still being able to protect the crowds below as opposed to a sandy hole where it can't see anything. The Crab doesn't like to be bothered, it literally has no backbone - only a hard shell and when you get close to it, they will attack defending ferociously its safety... its home.

It needs its shell to feel like it can deal with the world.

The USA...

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