“Everything is energy.
Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality.
It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”
-Albert Einstein

Ah,  Mystical experiences intertwined with unknown realities. From my time water fasting on the red earth of the Australian holy site in the outback, Uluru (read more about astounding adventure here) to the lush jungles of central Bali. It feels like there has been no time and everything has been grains at a time dissolving and forming new realities that seemingly always feel they have been in existence. 

Sound familiar? Enter 2020.

And so we enter the Picean etherics on the New Moon. Somewhere in the world where nothing makes s...

"The issue goes far beyond economics, or commerce, or poetics, or an evening of pleasantries as we look out over a scenic view.
Something is happening beyond all this.
We are losing splendid and intimate modes of divine presence.
We are perhaps, losing ourselves."

- Thomas Berry, The Dream of the Earth

There is an essence to the planet we know is undeniable. We also know there is a profound shift that is taking place beyond our control, and that loss of control is shaking us to the core. Where to do we reconnect to center? Where IS our center?

This past month in Australia, I water fasted in one of the most sacred sites on this Earth, Uluru during the merging of the Saturn /Pluto conjunction. The Frog energy ran through my vei...

“The belief that something is wrong is the fire under the ass of humanity.” 
― Jed McKenna

I've been thinking about what to say coming home from Asia, how much I've wanted to share with you all. 
About whats happening in the world, about my personal process, the profound restructuring that is taking place in the world right now that we have all felt on a myriad of intensity ranging from home, family , to love and spiritual connection. 
It feels like the galaxy is undergoing this renovations so fast it feels nearly impossible to make solid agreements or contracts for the next phase when it seems to be shredding us into advancement that much quicker every day. 

The higher we vibrate, the more attune we are to these shifts. 

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”- Proust.

This summer, the energies are held by the exact conjunction of Pluto/Saturn. The Lord of the Underworld and the Lord of Karma/Time don’t really give us a chance to ignore the current global transformation illuminating our collective Shadows at their core. Building since January, they were joined with the South Node (unresolved Shadow from the past) and have certainly led us on a wild ride in this first half of 2019, kicking up old wounding that we once thought resolved.

As we allow ourselves to take a breath this summer and dream our midsummer night dreams floating in the sea, wonderment floods our Spirit at the possibility of e...

I'm like a tree. My leaves might change color, but my roots are the same.
-Rose Namajunas

**I recently wrote a piece on lineage Shadow as its been an important topic lately as I've just gotten my DNA results. Take a read and connect. 

"What does it mean to know where we come from: Is it the blood we’ve been given or the energetic path that we have chosen that offers us a deeper connection to self? 

Feeling safe and secure are the building blocks and boundaries of how we can function as healthy humans. Without it, nothing is sustainable. When we are connected to our bodies and feel held, anything is possible with a platform to jump into the void of creation.

Looking at the chakra system, Muladhara (translation from sanskri...

“Like gravity, karma is so basic we often don't even notice it.” 
― Sakyong Mipham

The last few months starting in January, we have felt the subtle and powerful waves of Pluto (the Soul, the Shadow, transformation, Kundalini) approaching its conj with the South Node (Karmic past), with Saturn - our friend Time- very close by. All last week I sat in a fevered bed caught somewhere in between the psychic realms, some forms of past lives, extreme bodily pain, and the 3D reality- clearing clearing clearing. 

On Thursday Pluto and the S. Node was exact and about eight lifetimes seemed to dangle in front of me that needed cleansing. That's exactly what Pluto/S.Node are all about, going through the hell realms of your Ka...

“A bridge of silver wings stretches from the dead ashes
of an unforgiving nightmare
to the jeweled vision of a life started anew.” 

Experience is the authentic path of learning.
Through a holographic lens, the stimuli spread through the body on a physical, mental and spiritual level. Without this comprehensive knowledge there is no Wisdom. We can theorize it, we can debate it, use our minds to comprehend perhaps social sympathize... yet we cannot fully understand in its ultimate frequency; divine resonance. 

Those who have authentic wisdom, have learned through pain. 

2018 was a year to take full advantage of emerging wisdom through deeper layers beyond a conscious state of understanding. And this was a...

“The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it..."

One of my favorite Scorpio traits is Obsession. It can have a nasty ring to it...a judgement placed upon our willful desire to consume something so deep inside of us we lose clear sight of our surroundings. When we call it "Passion" it has a connotation of Love in deep devotion, when its dark and destructive it morphs into "Obsession".

It's actually not the literal thing we are obsessing about that is so scary, its what we love inside of it we are afraid of. It's not about the thing or person or place, it's about how it makes us FEEL - a link to our true desire nature. It's a path to our authentic self, and what we value. Not what...

"Worlds are turning, and we're just hanging on, 
Facing our Fear and standing out there alone. 
Things look so bad everywhere, 
In this world, what it is for?
We walk blind and try to see, 
Falling behind in what could be"

This week I had dinner with a friend I've known for almost a decade, Lucy. I've always admired her, saw how deeply radiant she was from the first interaction we had. The kind of radiant that could only come from the Shadow of Life. 
Feeling akin to her, she always felt like home by her vibration. I spoke that night of the weight of life, and choices I had to make that were impending. Over the course of a few hours she began to speak what she hadn't before without a pause, the epoch of her life....

"The most intense conflicts, if overcome, leave behind a sense of security and calm that is not easily disturbed - which are needed to produce valuable and lasting results."
-Carl Jung

There are times that everything just feels "intense". 
And the easy way out is dull our minds and spirit with alcohol, drugs, TV, bullshit conversations, old habits, and excuses to plug back into what feels "safe" - avoiding the inevitable subconscious which can only be found through a mirror into ones own Soul.

Its time to process the processing.
Time to solidify and ground the last 7-8 years of this dynamic of create and destroy.
Time to drink in the nectar of transformative fire in her last few breaths. 
Where are you now mentally, emotionally,...

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