"Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it."

All the feels of the 12th house have been unavoidable especially the last week as the Sun, Mercury and Neptune launched us into our emotional body solidified by the New Moon. Not to be left out, the planet of liberation and shock Uranus has finally, fittingly, committed to staying in Taurus for the next 7ish years solidifying our new realities. 

But what will they be?  Everything has felt so damn confusing.

We won’t have those answers until we let ourselves feel all the water feelings that are draining our subconscious in this energetic period.
It's ok, you are not alone. 

I watched “The Shape of Wa...

“The tigers of wrath are wiser than the horses of instruction.” 
― William Blake

Anger is a dirty word in the "spiritual community"- it isn't allowed to be expressed, for we must be the Buddha in nature. 
This goal of "stillness"... and yes, space is key to existing in this body and on this Earth in the 3D realities that we have created where action is the way of life. 

What happens to the rest of our human emotions?

That trained voice to “not care” or “let it go” in order to find peace usually results in suppression- it’s also called Denial. Without speaking our Truth or owning our vulnerable feelings what do we have that’s REAL?

We can't sit still our whole life. 

While we feel Chiron wrap up its final degree in Pisces- the Balsami...

It has been a time recognizing what structures no longer serve us, whether it be ripped out from under us in this intense spectrum of energy that swirled around us in 2018, or coming to cold real Truth.... what can we do to stay rooted, committed and balanced on whats coming next. 

Johnson Chong - New York Native and talented spiritual healer/entrepreneur - came back to Gotham for a visit. He asked me if I would sit with him and real talk about being grounded as a spiritual being/teacher/guide here in the Urban Chaos for Sage Sapien.

We touch on many informative tools of spiritual living to stay balanced- diet, commitment, using tools properly without victimizing yourself, how to live IN your body while being connected, and the ir...

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