September 25, 2019

Shadows of all things part 2. 

"We took a journey deep into the Shadows of the subconscious and spoke about victim consciousness, the drama/triangle, shame/guilt loops, waking up vs. chasing bliss, fractals of consciousness, astrology and how to consciously create your own reality. "


"(Kira) I'm a teacher, I'm a guide... you gotta go your own way. Sometimes I catch myself and say: Ok so I'm a professional witch and today someone purged a past life of being burned or a death trauma... I walked around and banged a drum and pulled a demon out of someones stomach - cool, who's hungry.

(Sean) "Another day at the office".

"(Kira) Being in the modern world and doing this... It's really easy to be the Shaman on the mountain, be the healer on the mountain, it's really easy to not be in the world and be connected - how do you do this an integrate and still be a human and have these experiences. How do you be the thousand year old witch in the young woman's body and then.. go on a date."

Honored to introduce this fluid,...

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