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"I am a self proclaimed Panther cub"

I wrote this and rewrote this way too many times. It doesn't do a good job of encompassing how I feel because it's hard to put into words all the ways you've helped me and how much that means to me.  


Feels like a blurb when it should be four pages.  


So many memories came to mind, none of which came out in this but it feels like a moment to say thank you for creating this space.  

Four years ago, the desire to heal became paramount in my life. The patterns were too obvious to ignore any longer - failed relationships, unhealthy behaviors, depressive episodes.  My emotional pain had manifested into physical pain.  I was exhausted.  So I began to search. I discovered the concept of Shadow Work which is what led me to Kira.

The cliche "when the student is ready, the teacher will appear," does apply here.

One of many grateful and loving students who has immersed themselves in The Panther Process. I've attended numerous events which have all created new pathways, especially with people who I've come to care for and rely on.  Through Panther, I studied THETA, a healing modality she uses in her own work.  A powerful practice that has allowed me to heal limiting beliefs with ease.  My most transformative work however, took place during my 1:1 Experiences with Kira.  

"She has a tremendous ability to identify core wounds and safely guide you through major emotional shifts.  I have never experienced anything like it. "


My physical pain subsided, my relationships improved, and my behaviors changed.  This work is real and Kira is the creator and master of her craft.  It is an honor to be part of this community. 

Victoria L. | Executive Producer


"Working with Kira is working in a no bullshit zone".


I had sent an earlier draft of a testimony for my work with her, and she called me out for hiding behind the crafting of a good sentence. That is the experience. She sees beyond the masks to get to your core, so you can see it and accept it as well.


"This is not work for the faint of heart - but it is for those that want to find the strength in theirs."  

I tend to hide behind the control and curation of self - and Kira has been a guide to get beyond that.  

To look at the pieces of me that are so stuffed into my being, that I pretend are not mine.  The work continues, but through it I find that every day I am bringing the pieces of me that scare me back into my body.  


I can look at those pieces as parts of me - not as something that I need to fear.


Fia | V.P


"Kira’s presence is uncompromising, poised, intelligent, knowing and deeply loving."



As someone who has always wanted more from life and who has experienced much Darkness, I feel reduced by methods of conventional healing. The idea of Shadow Work was intriguing and somewhat daunting; I knew I was waiting for the right person. Upon walking into the first session of the Panther Process’ specialty immersion “Shadows of the Chakras”, (Now “the 5th Harmonic”) one thing was clear:

"She’s fierce; I’ll take three of whatever THE FUCK she’s having".


I had already been doing the work for some time, but I continued to suffer from unrelenting body pain, burnout, and resonating patterns of trauma.  I immediately sensed that this was at least one of the steps I needed to take. I continued taking workshops with Kira/Panther and then took a bigger leap. 

I scratched together what I could to take a Panther Process THETA 1 training, then the THETA  Advanced, then THETA Dig Deeper - each one creating a new space in my life. It feels uncanny that a major loss in my life – my father’s sudden passing occurred right in the middle of this work. I was broken hearted, in disbelief, dissatisfied with my daily life, experiencing dysfunction in my relationship, in  inexplicable physical pain which I had only managed to band-aid for a few days at a time…I felt vulnerable. I knew that it could be so much better but how?

"I began a 1:1 Curated Panther Program with Kira, and did it ever come up and out, raw, challenging, exalting".



We did what was needed. I always felt held.

When I wrapped up the program, I didn’t really know all the ways that it would serve me over the next year. I had been living with my boyfriend, and though we love each other, our codependent traumatized patterns were running the show.  This is possible because I took a necessary action to break our codependent behavior…and it worked. Some say that it’s nearly impossible to do that, or that it takes so long it’s not worth it. Now we are married. 

I feel truly interdependent.

"What I am most grateful for is her method of guidance outside of traditional polarizing framework of popular understanding".


Without Kira I might not have made that leap.

 She teaches that each human individually has the instinct of what is best for themselves. I am continually turned towards discovering personal power. 

During Covid -19  in NYC  I picked up on every thing and felt it in my body empathically…sheer overwhelm! I already have severe body trauma for most of my life, it’s excruciating and suspends me in hopelessness. I felt the collective fear and uncertainty, and my own fear and uncertainty. I prayed I could get through this without another body crisis.   

A breakthrough. I healed my own chronic pain on my own.

I had been told for 15 years I would be in pain the rest of my life that there was just something wrong with me, I was just too sensitive, caused myself stress. I have no doubt that this work created the conditions for personal growth on all levels. How many times did I want to give up?

Flooded with a brand new sense of empowerment, I am affirmed. I trusted myself and even when discouraged, when people around me thought I was crazy, when I hid all the realms I was exploring to avoid judgement by others.


"This is a new level of self mastery - NEW potential, a BIGGER world."



I am deeply grateful to all of those who redefined the realms of possibility . My connection to Kira/Panther has greatly assisted and accelerated these events simply by dedicating themselves to her mastery and by believing in me.

"I am ever grateful and would recommend Panther to anyone who seeks a fearless, compassionate, otherworldly alliance while you drop into the blackest parts of your Shadow and hold the space for the essential transmutation as you work towards your own personal revolution."



Arielle D. | Designer + Entrepreneur


What hath She done to me, again?

I am clearer, more fearless, more trusting, more joyful, more ME, and dare I say, trusting of divine masculine as well...

"When I first experienced Panther, I was literally broken".


I remember being late and hurriedly running into to do breathwork/sound workshop in NYC with a 4 day old cast around my broken wrist- shivering still from the trauma of a bad car accident combined with potent but misguided psychedelic trips. It was my first breathwork, and I remember the feeling of the cells in my bone fusing together. and for some unknown reason my terrified heart genuinely trusted this woman’s work without even seeing her face clearly in the dark.


"It took years for me to feel unintimidated by Kira- her sharp words , truth bombs, and face of beauty was, and still is an obsidian mirror - if I ask it something will it give me the truth? Always".



Am I ready for the answer? Never...

Underneath her high priestess wizardry, she is a warm clown with a heart of pure Gold. That seems to be the ceaseless fire that fuels her services, alongside her strong ancestry and connection to divinity. What I learn from the Panther Process is timeless wisdom and etheric place I can call Home within the Matrix.


"It sounds cliche but this tribe is where I belong...because it aligns with my truth and values of absolute realness, a no bullshit zone".



Within this space I was born and reborn again and again, unlearning and shedding and transforming and alchemizing at an alarming speed. I’d follow Kira all over the world to unlock secrets of our subconscious and even cosmos together; to die and re-emerge in potent portals of this Earth.


What a blessing to have this community and support during this time in history. I’m honored to walk alongside some of the worlds most incredible and fierce humans I’ve ever met through Kira and panther process. Never really ready for what’s next, but I AM HERE, always supported, grounded, embodying JOY.


 "Words that weren’t in my vocabulary have been repainted and weaved into my new emotional landscape".



From the depths of my Soul, Thank you La Pantera.


Anji J. | Artist


For my whole life, Kira, I have skittered away from my emotions ...


...denied them, repressed them, wished they would just go away. For fifty-five years I considered my physical being to be a burden—a drag on my spirit, a petulant child demanding food, resources, and care.  And for more than forty years I managed these unruly emotions and this needy body with alcohol and drugs and whatever else I could find to numb these vexing sensations.  

How can it be that, in only a few sessions, the Panther Process was able to shatter these deeply-ingrained habits and constraining beliefs?  


How can it be that, as the months since my first Panther experience roll by, I continue to marvel as I awaken to the magic of being fully present, of being physical and mental and physical . . .  of being messy and juicy and wonderful and alive?  The Panther Process is a gift from somewhere, or something, or someone—another dimension? a higher consciousness? an angel? . . . it doesn’t matter.  


What matters is that Panther is here, now, right when we as a species need it the most.

You, Kira, wield the powers of this gift in complete safety, with utter confidence, astounding knowledge, lissome grace, warm humor, and a love that has touched me deeply.  

I am forever grateful to you ...y la pantera.

Drew S. | Art Director


In my early 20’s, my life took a detour into darkness. I was homeless at one point, grappled with addiction - real darkness.

I was engulfed by a sorrow that I couldn’t explain or understand. I felt as though I was sinking in quicksand, always gasping for air. Staying numb was the only way I could cope, the only way I could breathe. 


In 2005, I had a moment of grace, and caught a brief shimmer of the light within me. This sparked my intrigue, and motivated a curiosity in me to explore that light. Over the next 13 years, I became a seeker, exploring numerous healers, practices, teachers, philosophies, retreats, and workshops. You name it, I explored it! I learned much during this period, and as my inner world transformed, so naturally did my outer world.


I was becoming, and I felt a calling to step out in a larger way than I ever had before. I wanted to share my story, and my hope and truth, all of myself really. However, I couldn’t find my voice. Despite all the acquired knowledge and experience and exploration, I was also very stuck. I couldn’t progress forward, and no matter how many self-help books I read and workshops I attended, I couldn’t figure out what was blocking me. What was holding me back?


This missing link eluded me, and I was left confounded. That is, ...until I met with Kira.


After one Panther session with her, something unlocked within me, and each session thereafter guided me through further recesses of myself: old emotions tucked in the shadows that longed to be seen, heard and understood. The process allowed me to integrate these fragmented aspects into the wholeness of my being. It’s difficult to put the experience into words, but I learned that instead of fearing the parts of myself in the shadows, I needed to love and embrace them, even celebrate them, because each and every experience of my life had led me to the present moment . . . back to myself. 


The work I did with Kira was other-worldly.

The unique blend of modalities she incorporated into the Panther experience allowed me to create more “space” within me.


This magical journey was exactly what I needed to finally OWN who I am and why I am here.


Kira held the key that unlocked the door to a wholeness I’d been seeking, and I was able to step across a threshold, and finally EXPRESS my authenticity with confidence.   

I learned that you cannot fully appreciate the magnificence of the light without a willingness to explore the dark – that there are gifts and healing to be found in the shadows. Embracing the darkness was the piece of the puzzle I was missing to loving myself wholeheartedly. 


While my intensive with Kira was completed over a year ago, the seeds sewn are still reaping a harvest I couldn’t have even foreseen when I started. The full impact of the Panther experience is one that continues to unfold in my life. 


Joshua Smith | Personal Development Coach + Sacred Lifestylist 

New York, NY


"Trying to describe my 'experience' with the Panther Process is like trying to verbalize what it's like to have 17 different feelings at the same time when you are only allowed to use 3 words!"


It's impossible to really describe, you just have to go there and feel through them yourself. Nevertheless, my life has changed so much as a result of meeting and working with Kira, and that is something that I can definitely describe.


I knew that it was time for a massive clearing in my life before I was introduced to Kira.


I was ready to do whatever I had to and face whatever came up in order to break patterns. I am sure that the desire to go deep in order to make those changes is what caused the many connections that happened in order for the introduction to happen. Regardless of what I thought that I was ready for, nothing could have prepared me for the depth and intensity of the work. 


"The speed at which realizations come is incredible".


Those lead to almost instant changes on a cellular level. The way that I see everything is different. The way that I hear everything is different. Most importantly, the way that I understand and relate to myself is wildly different. Kira's innate understanding of what I need each and every time that I see her floors me. She is just so connected, empathetic, intuitive and intelligent that she just knows. Beyond her vast toolkit though is a goodness, a kindness and a tenderness which shepherds you through everything. She is a life-changing teacher and guide.

"After every session, I am awash with gratitude".


Gratitude for what I have learnt in that session, gratitude for a new frame of reference and gratitude for Kira, whom I trust completely to know what's best. I am excited for the continuation of this journey. Although I am certain that it won't be easy, this life is worth walking through fire for.


T. L | VP, Facebook


"Every Panther session I have are completely different experiences ."



They allow me to come home - to the safe space within my self that is always there. Releasing what no longer serves me and making space for new.

"Faith. Love. Safety. Freedom."

I am free to pursue my life in an authentic clear way. I feel connected with my higher power and grounded within myself. The clutter and fear is so lifted I can hear my intuition more clearly. Trusting its guidance. Feeling confident. Feeling empowered. 

T. S | Educator


"It would be no exaggeration to say that working with Kira and the Panther process has changed my life."

The first session was an intense look at my shadow and awakening to my personal power. Over the course of a year, the Panther Process has helped me to understand and see myself and my life with a level of clarity that is at once grander and more honest.


J.C | Entrepreneur + Designer

New Orleans, LA


My heart is so full right now with gratitude and love for the beautiful ceremony you provided for me.

"The space you held for me in such safety, patience and guidance through the journey was one of the most transformative journeys I've ever had".

Through a deep sleep I was able to connect the journey and the light I experienced with what was taking place in the crystallization of the new energy.

I feel so clear and light and fiercely courageous but with grace and poise.

Thank you sister, you are truly a gift.

Joy Dushey | Founder, "the Joyful Approach"


To strive for the light, you must explore your shadows, as Swiss psychologist Carl Jung would call it the “shadow self”.

Ready to embark on this journey, I was searching for a guiding star; and as it often happens when you set your intentions, a solution happens and manifested itself in Kira.

Before making my way out of “hell”, I was aware that I would need to walk through the depths of my inner darkness.This journey uncovered a lot of grief, from past lives and current one that I had suppressed.

Each session with Kira helped me unlock the source of this grief and as hard as it was to let go of this pain, with Kira on my side, I was able to each session release until it felt like


"I had finally reached this culminating point of forgiving others and myself."

Prior to healing others, I learnt that I needed to heal myself. Prior to loving others, I learnt to love myself. To heal the split between my conscious self and the other parts of me, I had to learn to integrate all shadows into my whole.

This is a work in progress and a daily reminder that a soul journey is a lifetime project.


"Kira’s energy is the best remedy

to any broken heart or soul in needs, firm yet gentle, she will know how to guide you on this path of discovery and self-learning."

G. D | Retail and Commerce AVP


Forget everything you think about diving deep into yourself, because this Theta course will take you deeper than you can even imagine. The human bonding that comes from vulnerability with strangers is unparalleled

"Take the best therapy session, the best yoga class, the best mushroom trip, the best Ayuasca ceremony, the best trip with friends to a destination- combine them all, multiply it times 1000 and you're still nowhere near it." 

Thank you to Panther  for the most awakening experience of my life. 

Amalia M. | Entrepreneur + Founder 


"PANTHER is such a graceful way to care deeply for these parts of ourselves that are challenging to access within our modern lifestyles."

The past five years have been extremely transformative for me... unplugging from the matrix and gaining a deeper understanding of my mind/my behaviors from a more zoomed out perspective.


Perhaps it was easier living life unaware of these existential spaces within and outside of my body, but I'd already gone there in quite an extreme way and there was no turning back. I was doing a decent job managing it all on my own, but I uncovered a lot of (what some people call) darkness this past year. I thought I was losing my intellect completely and had spiraled into a pit of worry.


After many months of slowly crawling out of that pit, finding my way through a variety of practices, I fortunately discovered PANTHER. I had read about breathwork for quite some time, but had never experienced its ability to shed light deep into the crevices of the psyche and set them free. Working with Kira was extremely cathartic and liberating. I laughed, I cried.


"I was truly AMAZED -- literally BESIDE MYSELF with relief.  I was relieved that I had found this work and this empowering guide. Kira is a scholar of astrology, human psychology, energy, and the body."

She weaves such a beautifully personal container for her clients to let go, to be free. I'm truly grateful to have found this offering along my path of deeper knowing.

"PANTHER is indescribably glorious!"

JBP | Architect + Founder 


"Wow...You are sober Ayahuasca." 

I don't know how you always know what to do or have this much wisdom ...

you are pure magic!

I can't thank you enough. 

Richard Nyari. | LAC, MSTOM


"The Panther Process has truly changed my life."

Through my work with Kira, it’s incredible to realize how powerful we are as humans and that by facing our shadows and releasing fears we can find our incredible inner power.


"After my first session I had an overwhelming feeling of happiness knowing that this will forever change the trajectory of my life." 


I can’t express how grateful I am to have the opportunity to partake in this transformational work.


"Kira is beyond amazing and the work she’s doing is priceless. I can’t recommend Panther Process enough and wish everyone could partake in this healing experience."


Andrea Friedman | Founder + Entrepreneur 


To the Amazing Kira-

I will now thank you again and I am honored to have met you. Just with this first session you have unleashed so much blockage ( "un conscious") from within me. 

"You have changed perspectives in my reality which I assumed my regression session and the deep Meditation I can achieve was in the same playing field but this is phenomenal."


I never knew the human body could produce such intense energy flow in that way and it has shown me how important energy distribution really is.


Rodney Smith | Pro- Athlete + Skateboard Pioneer 


The "Shadows of the Chakras" (5th Harmonic) immersion

was an experience I will never forget, and look forward to working with Kira again! 

"I love Kira's energy and find It so powerful and nourishing."


It was raw, profound, and beautiful ceremonially with an amazing group of women and contributing healers that Kira brought in. The ripples are real and deep like roots that have penetrated deep into imprinted trauma that is holding me back. I especially love the painting that I created and have it by altar and meditate to it. I am even getting it framed so I will be able to preserve its energy and memory.


Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

Amanda W. | Artist


How do you write about 6 days of celestial & unconditional love magic with these two Goddesses of Grace in the Panther THETA Trainings?!


If you have an inkling with working with them in any capacity - DO IT!!! No "regrets", but you'll learn about that anyway... 

L.Chen | Photography Director


"Kira has created a magnificent space capable of supporting you wherever you are."

From the moment I walked in, I felt at ease, free to open up and supported with my most vulnerable self.  She applies several different modalities that are completely tailored to your needs.  

"Any 'issues' I walked in with were quickly put in their right place so I was able to see a greater truth. In just one session, I felt a connection with the divine and profound shift that will likely have long-term impact."



I walked out feeling lighter, more like myself, and ready to take on life.  I’m grateful for her sacred space, mindful attention and kind spirit.

E. | 

Marketing Director

Paris, France 


Its as if she is an Angel sent to my life. Everything has changed, I'm a new person. I feel Joy and Bliss. I feel this wonderful energy around me all the time ever since I saw her the first time. Everything is new. People are approaching me, they see that ... as if I am awake now. Everyone can see it, my daughter and my husband... people in the park.

"I can see love inside everyone." 

It's wonderful, it's like I died, I don't recognize myself. I am a brand new person, really happy and beautiful inside out. I feel this wonderful energy all the time inside me. I am grounded, more focused, more confident. 



"I have no words to explain what's happened in my life since I met Kira."

I am so grateful. 




To My Lovely and Divine Sorceress of the Shadows... THANK YOU! 

Thank you for holding space for me over these past many months. Thank you for opening the portals to my Shadows. 

"You are beyond gifted and its inspiring to witness your path of service."


Carry on. 

Matt B. | Media Founder 


I recently participated in the immersion "Shadows of the Chakras", (now "5th Harmonic) with Kira and her curated professionals exploring the Dark side of the Chakras. Through streamlined versions of the modalities Panther incorporates, I experienced levels of the personal healing work and practices I have done in the past, while leaning some new tools I had not yet experienced.

This was a beautiful immersion looking at the often feared dark side.  The process was incredibly simple, profound and experienced with ease and grace . 



"I left with tools I can easily integrate into my daily life as touchstones to my own resources within. "   

We were held in a safe and clear loving space of understanding and being seen. 

Without Darkness, there is no Light.

Thank you Kira, with Love, for creating this process.

JEH | Photographer


I am one of those girls who owns a ton of yoga pants but is definitely not a yogi.

I don't have any crystals. I don't drink green juice or go on meditation retreats.

I harbor no judgement to those who do –– it just isn't me.

"And until Kira's events, I had never even successfully meditated in my entire life."

With a little hesitation last Halloween, I convinced myself to try something new and I could not be more thankful that I did. I was nervous for the first event. I went by myself and had no clue what to expect from an event where I would call my female ancestors. Not only did I witness the transformation of the group, I was able, for the first time, in a room with a lot of noise, quiet myself in a way that I had never experienced. I went from really scared to an unfamiliar feeling of safety that was also scary, but in a different way.


"I would liken my experience to therapy, yet better and more impactful in a ways that really shake you for days after. "

In Panther space, I truly let myself feel things I work so hard to bury every day.  

Kira has built such a beautiful and warm community inside Panther and as a fellow educator, I really appreciated the creativity she puts into her class structure and kick-off to set the tone. She has the whole room shake off all the emotions they buried away in so many ways.  The truth is –– I didn't have to go in with intention. Kira does it for you.

 "Just like anyone else, I had shame in my fears."

I had trouble, I think it was because I wasn't really ready to let go. Then, I listened to the room. I realized how vulnerable everyone else was and that encouraged me to really ask for what I needed - releasing this voice, " I will never be a safe vessel to have a child." Ridding myself of that fear felt good, and what was even better was the support . One woman had a tear in her eye when she thanked me for being so open. Another offered to help me through art therapy and one offered to show me a yoga practice I could do at home.


"It's one thing when a teacher creates amazing curriculum, it's another gift to attract and inspire a community to open doors for each other."

Thank you Kira. I look forward to continuing to be inspired by you, your courage, your energy, your work, your events and your community.


"You are truly a healer."

I've been so frustrated in my process around pregnancy. I've been to so many doctors and I'm hoping with your help and the help of my ancestor (my Mom who battled stage 4 Ovarian cancer for 11 years and passed away in 2010), I'll eventually be able to reach my goal of being a creator of a beautiful human. 

Alison | Female Empowerment Educator + Media Specialist


*** update, Alison gave birth to a baby girl in 2021. 

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