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Titans Collide: Electric Earth and Beyond

"The most intense conflicts, if overcome, leave behind a sense of security and calm that is not easily disturbed - which are needed to produce valuable and lasting results." -Carl Jung

There are times that everything just feels "intense". And the easy way out is dull our minds and spirit with alcohol, drugs, TV, bullshit conversations, old habits, and excuses to plug back into what feels "safe" - avoiding the inevitable subconscious which can only be found through a mirror into ones own Soul. Its time to process the processing. Time to solidify and ground the last 7-8 years of this dynamic of create and destroy. Time to drink in the nectar of transformative fire in her last few breaths. Where are you now mentally, emotionally, physically? What have you done to take advantage of this period to dig deep and shift? What new tools have you learned, practiced, and integrated in your life? Or are you still running from the deeper layers projecting like a little Jungian volcano, spewing like Pele's anguish? Here we are, sitting inside the final minutes before the biggest representation of that earthly cement pouring into our fiery field of creation.... Uranus (planet of electricity, liberation & trauma) moves from Aries (creation, fearlessness, development of Self/Ego) to Taurus (earthly structure, money, values, security). What does it all mean?

Image: Nina Robinson

If the structures, relationships, businesses, based on values you created over the last 8 year transit in Aries aren't sustainable, the fault lines will have no qualms about showing up and shaking everything you hold tight to feel "secure" all the way down.

There is no way to avoid the "intense". Sustainable means "in alignment", that natural flow of life to your highest potential, your Dharma. What you are here to do. This is time to root in, to commit. To build on the waves of the warriors and the work that you have done over this transformative epoch.

And if you haven't, you have this moment.

Take a breath. (No really, take a breath). And ask: 1) Has what I created for myself aligned with my values? 2) Am I ready to solidify the direction of my life right now? 3) What am I taking responsibility for to create a life that feeds my Soul? Now take another breath and feel this: 1) Your time, money, energy shows the truth in what you value. 2) Going deep is the only way through. 3) Cut the crap. Even if that means people, patterns, a career.

I can't wait for what's to come. Time to get your Shadow on.

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