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Tigers of Wrath in a Watery Ending

“The tigers of wrath are wiser than the horses of instruction.” ― William Blake

Anger is a dirty word in the "spiritual community"- it isn't allowed to be expressed, for we must be the Buddha in nature. This goal of "stillness"... and yes, space is key to existing in this body and on this Earth in the 3D realities that we have created where action is the way of life.

What happens to the rest of our human emotions?

That trained voice to “not care” or “let it go” in order to find peace usually results in suppression- it’s also called Denial. Without speaking our Truth or owning our vulnerable feelings what do we have that’s REAL?

We can't sit still our whole life.

While we feel Chiron wrap up its final degree in Pisces- the Balsamic of the Balsamic (Karmic rewards/ the sludge of what’s left to process) this wounded memory, the imprint of past trauma that runs through our energetic veins can bring up all the victimhood we have forgotten we suppressed in "letting it go".

Pisces can bring up places where we’ve been a victim, most important where we victimized ourselves, where we have denied, where we have been diluted. Where we have grieved tremendously for what feels like something that will never “dry out”.

"Do not go gentle into this Dark Night. Rage Rage against the dying of the Light" - Dylan Thomas

So let's use this Fire this week and REBEL.


Welcoming our truth slayer Lilith as she conjuncts the Sun in Aquarius, adding the Mars / Pluto square as we get closer to the exact conjunction of Mars/Uranus (liberator) in final degree of Aries - what a fabulous combo to set a bridge on fire that wipes away anything that stands in that story of victimhood. Claim your space back. Tear your old paradigms away, with pride and a ferocity like you have never seen.

With Grace- from this Pluto conj Lilith, Mars conj Uranus Natal charted Black Panther.

Kira xx

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