We are honored & excited to meet you again this lifetime.
What all this means

Sessions are weaved together based on what you need in that space and time. Everyone has different needs, learns differently, integrates differently. Fusing all the psyche, somatic, and energetic bodies in a personal alchemical mix is part of why Panther is so effective. Kira - and her team when applicable- are able to navigate those waters during sessions based on the extensive toolbox Panther operates from. This is why this method is deeper, faster, more effective. 

Remote Sessions

Panther sessions are also available via video chat for those clients not based in New York. Kira has held space for those in Asia to Alabama and able to connect with you wherever you are. 


When the session is confirmed you will receive all the information to maximize your experience and the breadth of the work. There is also an intake form that goes out for you to submit before session. The Process is in organic, not linear time. It's recommended to allow for 30-60 minutes after your session to integrate in a way that feels right to you. Kindly note, if you are micro-dosing of any kind there is a 2 week period of sobriety before entering into Panther Process space. A period of total sobriety of all substances is required 24-48 hrs ahead of session time. 

Who is booked

Panther Process sessions are booked selectively. Kira has limited time as sessions take an enormous amount of bandwidth with all that is involved, and wants to ensure this work will resonate with you. Chromotherapy, sound, energy work, psychology, trauma release, physical/somatic body processes... this is a focus on Shadow Work and is taken with the highest intention in full integrity. We want to know a few things about you like your experience in the healing work, who referred you, why you are here, and how committed you are to your growth. All those who are called to Panther are held in safe, Sacred Space and honored as such. 

Energy Exchange

Payment is accepted via Visa/Mastercard/Amex and PayPal. After payment is made, your session is confirmed, not before. Initial sessions are 800$. For customized programs which follow, there are (3) tiers depending on what the client needs and where they are at in their process. Payment plans are accepted for programs, not for initial visits. 

What happens

Expect the unexpected. Keep in mind, every session is different - even the first one - for everyone. The focus of the first session is to identify core patterns (energetically, physically, cellularly, psychologically) open up said containers and journey deep. By the time you have already reached the Panther Den, Kira knows your birth chart, has meditated in your field, and is ready to receive you. 


Rescheduling is only allowed, (no refunds or cancellations), and needs to be at least 24 hours ahead of time. We understand things happen last minute, and an exception/space for last minute chaos happens once. Due the enormous bandwidth it takes for each session and the level of preparation, Kira only takes a certain number of 1:1 a week which needs to be respected. Thank you for understanding the necessary boundaries to keep the container of the Panther Process operating fluidly and in integrity. 

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