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An Experiential Exclusive Audio Series
Guided by Kira Saundra, Founder of the Panther Process   


In honor of Shadow season, the most potent and magical time of the year, Panther is bringing you an EXCLUSIVE  taste of its pioneering, copyrighted experiential Shadow Work process.

Forget all the misconceptions you’ve heard about the Shadow. 

Forget what you’ve learned from religion and mythology. 

Forget what you’ve been told by the ‘love and light’ wellness industry.

The truth is this: the Shadow is where we create


Are you ready to journey into the underworld and integrate through the heart?

A specially-curated Panther exclusive

This is an EXCLUSIVE FREE offering ONLY until the Scorpio moon on October 17th  - opening the key portal to Shadow season doing this work really STICKS.



Five episodes packed with powerful, integrative wisdom

In Episode 1, we dive deep into what the shadow really is in different cultures and religions around the world.

Episode 2 is all about the dark feminine, the archetypes of the shadow, and how we can relate to them.

In Episode 3, you get to experience an exclusive, LIVE Panther Breathwork interactive experience (see below).

In Episode 4, we come face to face with the shadow, the belief systems behind it, what's HIDDEN confronting our judgements and reclamations.

...Episode 5, we integrate all the knowledge we’ve learned in a REAL, GROUNDED way.

Are you ready?

Experience an exclusive LIVE Panther Breathwork Session

Panther’s breathwork experiences don’t mess around.

You will be guided by Kira's 10+ years of leadership through a profound interactive LIVE shadow experience and travel deep into your hidden desires and into the underworld in this exclusive live Breathwork session. 

Panther is the ONLY Shadow Work process that integrates

12+ intentionally chosen modalities rooted in psychology, somatics, energetics and the arts to create soul breakthroughs

in all facets of your being.

Guided by Kira, pioneer experiential expert on the shadow,

this is a space where you can safely explore the depths

of the shadow realms.

The best part?

This audio series is FREE for a LIMITED TIME.

Anyone can experience this powerful transfiguration

magick FIRST HAND.

Are you ready to blow open your misconceptions about the Shadow?


"This magical journey was exactly what I needed to finally OWN who I am and why I am here."

Experience the MAGICK of Reclaim the Dark

Start listening to begin your journey into the underworld today.

Thanks for submitting!

Meet your Guide,

Kira Saundra, Founder of the Panther Process

Shadow Worker & visionary 

by birthright, Kira creates a space for metamorphosis. She is honored in service by the invitation to co-create profound moments of change in others. Empath, confidante, provocateur, emotional archaeologist - Kira invokes an expanded consciousness in each unique individual. She guides an excavation to the core dynamics of the Soul enabling powerful transformation, liberation, and integration of the real and raw fragments of self forward into authentic holistic presence. 


Kira is a featured international guest speaker and thought leader on various topics within ShadowWork, including intimate relating. She is a multiple certified advanced ThetaHealing® practitioner, has been trained since birth as a second generation astrologer and for over a decade formally in the School of Evolutionary Astrology. Kira has been implementing and studying Process Oriented and Jungian Psychology since 2009. She has been a certified practitioner of Shamanic/Transformational Breathwork since 2013, a Yoga Alliance certified teacher under Denise Payne specializing in Yin Yoga, a student of Dr. Anodea Judith's program "Psychology of the Chakras", and Reiki trained in her home of New York City. Kira carries a wide variety of world medicine and intuitive arts from many traditions from her continuous experience circumnavigating the globe. She believes we all have a medicine to offer this word. It's our duty to live our Dharma, our personal art, as 5D humans.

Embodying the wisdom of the Panther realms, Kira's embodied expertise navigating the Bardo realms is a miraculous feat. Every piece of the Panther Process Kira guides her clients through, she has danced with...passionately.


She welcomes you into authentic Freedom.

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