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Intuitively curated per client, we use an alchemy of methodology including energetics, psychology, somatics, art and sensory landscapes. This copyrighted process illuminates a portal to clear, rebuild, and reprogram

Panther BreathWork

This is not standard Pranayamic practices. Using dynamic, transformational breathing patterns and body movements, we clear the repressed trauma that creates states of ‘dis-ease’ in our bodies, on both a physical and emotional level. Illumination occurs inside cellular networks sending us on a journey outside linear space / time constructs, activating life force and destinations yet discovered. Integrating her advanced level transformational breath training, Kira's 9+ years of certified experience includes how to transmute and integrate the trauma body in into DMT consciousness. This methodology inside Panther Sacred Space is simply coined "Panther Breath".

Theta Energetic Therapy 

Belief systems are the threads that create the mainframe of our psyche. Every decision, manifestation, and action is a direct result of the beliefs we hold, whether they are conscious or unconscious. These beliefs can be a prison or a catapult into opportunity. Using Kinesiology, cognitive exploration, Jungian psychology, and quantum energetics, the limiting belief systems that choke our daily flow are excavated, extracted, and reformed into new possibility.

Astrological Counseling  

This study of the stars reaches far beyond pop culture forecasting into the realms of planetary alchemy. Using the Evolutionary/Shamanic perspectives, she explores this ancient modality integrating psychological and somatic therapeutic techniques. Putting this planetary energy into form, astrological design is an advanced comprehensive tool by which Kira merges the right and left sides of the brain into a practical reality.

Reiki Healing

An ancient practice from Japanese lineage, the Usui System of Natural Healing has been passed on from teacher to student for generations. "Rei" can be defined as the Higher Intelligence, subtle wisdom that permeates the functioning of the universe. "Ki" is the non-physical energy that animates all living things. Highly effective for pain using an Alpha brain wave, and gentle movement of energy.

in combination with ....

*Jungian Psychology

*Process Oriented Psychology

*Somatic Therapy

*Art Therapy/Expression

*Chromotherapy (light-scape) 

*Sound Frequency (traditional sound healing tools + vinyl/digital production)


*Bespoke oils, ritual tools, sacred objects from around the world

*Chakra Therapy

...flavored with Shamanic energetics from 5 continents.

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