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"We are typically seekers of light, joy and pleasure, but sometimes you have to play with the depths to reach new heights. That’s how we ended up discovering the universe that is Kira and her Panther Process. After a casual stroll into Maha Rose, we quickly realized that her ceremony was beyond anything we’d previously experienced. Her workshop centers around awakening what’s beneath the surface — our shadows— which she describes as “rejected aspects inside our psyche, like grief, fear, shame, abandonment, attachment, addiction and beyond.”

Once identified and brought to the surface, that’s when the real work begins. Through many modalities of healing, Kira creates a space to transform your mind, body, and spirit by honoring all aspects of yourself without judgment. We sat with this mystical woman to chat about using our conscious brain, living fearlessly, and how to tap into our most “chiseled selves.” Class is in session, and enjoy exploring the dark unknown. "

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Alchemist Kitchen Blog June 2019:

The Lord of the Underworld and the Lord of Karma/Time don’t really give us a chance to ignore the current global transformation illuminating our collective Shadows at their core. Building since January, they were joined with the South Node (unresolved Shadow from the past) and have certainly led us on a wild ride in this first half of 2019, kicking up old wounding that we once thought resolved.

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Alchemist Kitchen Feature:

3. How do you see Alchemy, Growth, and Transformation in your own life? 

Growth, Alchemy and Transformation isn't just IN my life, it IS my life. We are constantly evolving and growing. Accepting the ever flowing currents of life is what makes it so incredible to be alive in this human body. I choose each new experience as an opportunity - more space to explore my deepest Truths. To learn more about what I don't know I don't know.... and everything in between.