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Can we all Love like the Fish?

"Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it." -Rumi

All the feels of the 12th house have been unavoidable especially the last week as the Sun, Mercury and Neptune launched us into our emotional body solidified by the New Moon. Not to be left out, the planet of liberation and shock Uranus has finally, fittingly, committed to staying in Taurus for the next 7ish years solidifying our new realities.

But what will they be? Everything has felt so damn confusing.

We won’t have those answers until we let ourselves feel all the water feelings that are draining our subconscious in this energetic period. It's ok, you are not alone.

I watched “The Shape of Water” this weekend with tears flowing. It encapsulated both in story and imagery exactly in the light of what Pisces represents: unconditional love. As I witnessed a person feel faulted and incomplete her whole life find unexpected pure connection with another, this line stuck out to me most:

“The way he looks at me he does not know what I lack or how I am incomplete. He sees me for what I am, as I am”.

Is the question- don’t we all want that from someone else? Or is it really - can we say this about ourselves?

How deep is OUR Love?

It’s a tried and true saying that we can only love another as much as we love ourselves. In order to grant ourselves the everlasting gift of the final stage (Balsamic) of the zodiac, Pisces/Neptune/12th house, we have to be willing to clean out & integrate everything blocking the way into our hearts, and that means facing the Shadow of Grief. Pisces is the “drainpipe”- it all comes out here and with Mercury in retrograde there is no where to hide it. No hidden feelings, it’s all exposed as the proverbial boundaries are shattered dissolving into the cosmos as the final stages of our Egoic selves get wiped away.

Can we Love our Anger? Fear? Guilt? Can we stare down the powerlessness barrel of Shame and Grieve for what we cognitively didn’t even realize existed?


Follow the fishy waters streaming through your energetic veins and wash the body with salty tears down your cheeks. Cry. Cry for everything you didn’t know was there. Hold nothing back, so that when Spring Dawns upon us come Equinox we know we are starting with a clean slate of a new reality through the most powerful lens of Love you have ever seen staring back at you.

With Grace and Unconditional Love, Kira xx

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