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Transforming Karma

“Like gravity, karma is so basic we often don't even notice it.” ― Sakyong Mipham

The last few months starting in January, we have felt the subtle and powerful waves of Pluto (the Soul, the Shadow, transformation, Kundalini) approaching its conj with the South Node (Karmic past), with Saturn - our friend Time- very close by. All last week I sat in a fevered bed caught somewhere in between the psychic realms, some forms of past lives, extreme bodily pain, and the 3D reality- clearing clearing clearing. On Thursday Pluto and the S. Node was exact and about eight lifetimes seemed to dangle in front of me that needed cleansing. That's exactly what Pluto/S.Node are all about, going through the hell realms of your Karmic past to clean out and upgrade your entire energy field. In order to evolve, things must die. You might be experiencing this as illness, news of a sick loved one, news that forces a transition or the passing on of someone you love as we continue to experience the ripples for another few months. As you experience this, in your own unique way, don't repress its signs as they appear. Sit in stillness with the links to the past, and anything holding on causing you pain now as you make the conscious decision to use that flaming Aries sword of courage to end it for your greater good. It's time to embrace a new blueprint. We can clear the old away, as soon as our old patterns and decisions creep back in we create more of the same energy. Now is a POWERFUL time to clear out your belief systems, shed old skins, and process your Shadow. If you have been debating session work, now is the time to go deep and clear lifetimes. Aren't you ready to level up? And in your meditations honor Tara, the female equivalent of the Buddha energy. She can be channeled during this time to aid you in liberation. Vibrational alignment with her provides relief from negative karma as experienced by ordinary beings in Samsara (cyclic existence). ”Om tare tuttare ture soha.” With every client, with every experience, with every breath connected to the dedication of Liberation to all beings, I send you love. Join us below, and see you first on the 14th. Kira xx

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