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How to stay safe when it all falls away

“Curiosity will conquer fear even more than bravery will.” — James Stephens

There are a thousand different techniques that guide us into our bodies, our center, our "home". And with each one that we practice (or ignore) we use it as a conduit to quell levels of anxiety, worry, and Fear that are generated when Life shakes us to the bone. Yet what happens when the energy lends itself to being insipidly thick that we can’t feel anything but... unprotected?

Most of the time, we can identify Fear when we see it. Deep from our subconscious layers of protection installed from our upbringing, our reptilian brain of survival and intuitive flow as sentient beings guide us in our daily lives deciphering how we survive in this complicated world. We know when a car comes to move, we know the stove is hot, we know the scorpion stings, we know a drunk college student projectile vomits... but what of the things we don't know? What of the things that sneak into our psychic fields we can't decipher into logical sense? What of the stimulus and situations that affect our emotional bodies layered in subtle nuances that pile up unbeknownst one day suffocating our own breath?

photography: Richard Alma

Where are the boundaries that hold us together?

This is what’s happening in the collective right now discussed under much buzz for all of 2019... what society will look like, systems, we enter the 2020 conjunction. But what about the individual? How are we supposed to decode all this new stimulus from what all the old stories tell us that are dissolving so fast the whiplash stings?

How do we feel safe when it’s all falling away?

This is what it’s all about. Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus (she’s almost on top of now) are all squeezing (balsamic phase) Pluto in their approach. Pluto is the Soul, the Kundalini force..the gateway into the Deep. These planets and their themes are all approaching their endings, the Death in the old ways they used to function. Right now, as Saturn (Saturn= crystallization, society, form) and Pluto head to their literal structural collusion they are in orb bound with the South Node (past karma) and Jupiter blowing it up like a red balloon. In medical astrology they live next to each other in the Root chakra, literally keeping us grounded. Uranus lives there too shaking things up when needed, in this case it all translates to: the uprooting of our inner systems. We have been in process dealing with the unresolved all year as “endings” have been our middle name. Yes, there are more coming.

We are confronting the uncontrollable.

Each will peel away the layers of who we “think” we are and everything we are bringing into our lives is part of the deeper karmic resolution happening inside us all that is ancient. Linear time is is merging with the astral and in those moments where we think we are losing all parts of our sanity, remember: there is no death, only transformation.

We have two choices… Trust or Fall. Trust ourselves so madly that any other possibility is insane. No matter how logical, no matter how “solid” it may seem, the only thing that matters is YOU. We are here to be curious about LIFE, live it. The reformation is happening so fast the more we try to hold on, the more it will cause us pain.

Rise. Get up, every time. Rise because you want to find out what happens next, because it's all a fucking game and we CANNOT fail. Be more curious than you ever have before. And if something is not working let it slip way, it’s simply not you anymore. More than ever before, we must let go or be dragged. There are so many contracts coming in and so many that are being dissolved before they can be inked. It’s ok, keep going more are coming. Know that your feet are on the ground. You have a right to be here. Your Soul didn’t decide on this body at this time on Earth to float way into the Ethers...say it out loud when the Fear willowing through your body strikes the hardest.


Be the phoenix my love. Together we rise.

Wahe Guru. Kira xx

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