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Energetics of the CV19 Shadow

“If you desire healing, let yourself fall ill, let yourself fall ill.” ― Rumi

Sitting in the silence of these last few weeks upon re-entry in the US, I have observed a lot of noise. Noise from countless media outlets, social media blasts, worried loved ones, and frightened neighbors about the Covid-19 virus. I have heard everything from countlessly debated stats and angry politicians- to the megaphone blasts of space holders' theories, and the overactive scrambling to fill this silence with "things to do " or those simply needing to fill this precious gap of reflection with their own voice hiding their own suppressed subconscious emotions in the process. As time has passed, now the well of Truth has floating higher and higher the seeming realties that we have avoided, for some, most of our lives. We are called to face not only the physical Fear of a virus out of society's control, but the Fears within us that come from the deepest places of survival and Grief unresolved. Covid-19 is a healing for Shadows of the heart chakra, a giant metaphor for modern life: we can't breathe. Life has become overwhelming. Too much stimulus, too many things to do, too much to information, too much burden. Now that life has come to halt, how well can you actually sit with your feelings now that you have no distractions? Will you obsess over the news? The numbers? The market? The bad tv? The politics or conspiracy theories? The lungs and the heart organs are strained and under tremendous weight. This outbreak is the wounded healer of the heart chakra, the Shadow of Grief, ... not to dissolve it, to use it in the deepest levels of vulnerability creating a new intimacy in the collective. We have been screaming for a "new world", "new paradigm", "new community" yet most of us have no healthy practice of authentic intimacy or recognition of the Grief within that enables true Love to bloom. We think we do, then when Grief springs up within the Fear upon us, we stuff it down further and use control, power, and anger to keep its voice quiet. We can only love as deep as we can grieve. Moving forward into this collective healing, this quiet time where the gift is everything we've ever feared around survival, safety, loss, control, and frailty, is our medicine. WE RISE. Astrologically speaking: Last year I noted that when Mars comes into orb with Pluto and Saturn, that's when things were going to get very interesting in terms of the reconstruction of 2020. Several weeks ago that manifested into global shutdown. Simultaneously, Chiron (our wounded healer) has been squaring the Nodes (felt most intensely around the 14th of March) which is the call to bring up our deepest unresolved wounding from the past. When we have planets square the Nodes, its called a "skipped step" - meaning in past lives this was left unresolved, the shortcut was taken and in this life (or later in life) we have to climb the preverbal mountain of the square aspect to fulfill our dharma in this path of growth. Chiron sq the Nodes simply means, any underling trigger that Covid-19 has brought up for you is all connected to your deepest wound from this life and prob many others. The invitation to mourn this loss, this pain, stare at this Fear down the barrel inside this solitude will be the greatest gift you can give yourself during this time. Your subconscious is craving attention now that you are free of many distractions...resist the temptation to fill it with panic and excessive chatter. Worry less about what to "do" and learn how to sit with exactly where you are. You will fidget less when your subconscious is at peace. I truly believe through this collective integration of repressed Shadow, we can lead the way forward into a new future. One quite interesting with Saturn fresh in Aquarius leading the way. I will be doing an IG live on Tuesday the 31st at 6pm EDT in more detail about the astrology of now. Following, will be the details of the new online course I am designing to focus on the healing of the 4th Chakra Shadow manifested as CV-19, the Heart (lungs, liver channel included). More on this below. It doesn't matter which theories are right. There is no control outside of us, only inside. Let's focus on what really matters and be who we want to be... who we get to be... who we are in this life to co-create a new world. One where the red pill is the only choice. I believe in you. I believe in us. Wahe Guru, Kira xx

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