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The META Perspective, Part 1

"Assume that the person you are listening to might know something you don't." - Jordan Peterson

It's been a while since I have addressed the community, and there is much to discuss. I have been listening, I have been inward. I have been digesting vast quantities of ether. I have been doing the work in and out of my human body. This time is nothing short of portal after portal whilst navigating this dance of polarity complete with traffic cones of projection in epic proportion has certainly been the film of our time.

I have been wise enough not to speak without intention, as the world is noisy right now in a hot bed of projected anger. It's exhausting, and the intention here is to provide relief in this sense ... No, you aren't crazy. It’s happening, all of it. It is not a “NO BUT” conversation, it’s a “YES AND”. All of it is true. All of it has Truth. The gates are open.

The Matrix is breaking and yes, it’s going to get worse before it feels "better", as in, before a new structure feels crystalized. Saturn/Pluto will continue to dance their dance, we will have more big conjunctions and cosmic conversations between planets all year til the end. Which means the feeling of safety (in all of its ironic splendor) won't come in the ways you were used to.

In order to evolve, we must master our triggers through this time. The easier it is for you to get offended, the easier it is to be manipulated. Now is a time more than ever we must be Shadow Masters. This is the challenge of humanity... to be able to process the abstract and integrate it into our human juicy isn't it?

Let’s explore the polarity at play.

Many feel "they know best" based on a bias moral code, on one side of polarity or other, that is so outdated within the deeper levels of consciousness when presented with a truth outside of their own, shock becomes rage in questioning the undeniable conditioning ingrained within our human bodies. Catalyst upon catalyst infuse us with shock into our nervous systems. Tensions high. Bullying is dominant in the name of “justice” whilst the hostile energies between us feed the Matrix games in their distractions as the power that be continue to casually leak information out regarding the admitted hologram we live in. (yes, literally).

"We can never see past the choices we don't understand", says the Oracle. When we are programmed so deeply into a viewpoint, the mere idea of it not being a reality lashes into the veins questioning who we are into shattering somatic reactions. In other words, trauma is a live wire.

Whether you believe Trump is the savior and the Kabal are coming (search DuckDuckGo for all of that) or whether you believe Trump is the apex for all injustice. If CV19 is a hoax or if it’s a control game. If the BLM movement is a disguise for more persecution or a path to true freedom… these are all polarities at play creating the underlying big Shadow: it’s all a witch hunt. Us vs Them. No questions allowed or you're a "bad" person.

Perhaps if it is a battle of “good vs. evil”, “GD vs. Satan” - then it raises the question, are humans inherently good or evil? Humanity is grey... We aren’t good or evil, every choice we make determines how deep we dance with Shadow and the Shadow my friends is what we repress/suppress. On the most somatic of human levels, if we choose to forget our connection toward fellow mankind in our emotional bodies and disembody the psyche, we lose the ability to see the other side… our Shadow. If we succumb, do we loose our humanity? Are we "evil"? The Dionysian worshipers would argue otherwise. Even the our friend Nietzsche dispelling GD at its best, honors that ancient archetype of desire as human creation force, aka "a GD".

Can you stare down the barrel of your “enemy” and see they are you? Can we truly create a new society and global economic structure “rebuilding” anything? Can we be anarchists for the sake of rebuilding or is it all projection? Can we face our trauma and see our radical responsibility in it?

This series of Panther Downloads will unpack these philosophies to remind us all, its YES AND, not NO BUT for us to truly come out of this upgrade. The 5D body is not guaranteed, and many during this time have chosen to cross over. Humanity is ours, and the fate of it although perhaps preordained in its battles are not decided in victory. Through an integrative body of knowledge we move fwd, and why I bring you “The 5th Harmonic” soon. So you can be a F R E E human.

Be open to all Truth and radical vulnerability meanwhile. See you soon.

Wahe Guru,

La Pantera.

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