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2022: Year of the Obsidian Mirror Alignment

"Within this space I was born and reborn again and again, unlearning and shedding and transforming and alchemizing at an alarming speed.
I’d follow Kira all over the world to unlock secrets of our subconscious and even cosmos together; to die and re-emerge in potent portals of this Earth.”

-A. J.

Life. What a ride.

I had the perfect 222 download to send Sat the 22nd, the 5th Harmonic of two - "the REflection of the other" - when I found out another friend had died. That marks 5 people I know in the last year.

The cosmic dark irony is not lost on me.

It illuminated an important reminder: Death and Life and the same channel.This time in history when we seemed surrounded by grief, loss and endings, let us remember by quantum law how much LIFE is therefore being created. It would be both a scientific and spiritual improvability otherwise.

And by all the GDs, how damn exciting is that.

You are either expanding into a million parallel universes or shrinking into oblivion. I read a few days ago NASA found a Black Hole IGNITING stars instead of destroying them. If this isn't proof that death creates life, I don't know what is.

Breathe that in for a moment: you are creating STARS by allowing death to transform you.

The inhale, the first thing we do when we are born, indicates life. The exhale is the final action upon death. If you have ever been with someone on their death bed, you know two things: there is no higher honor, and that sound of the last exhale is the most divine offering back to the living. I know all this to be Truth simply because my relationship with Death has only given me more Life. More love, more joy, more expansion, more creative energy, less stress, less suffering, less fear... the ability I have to FEEL everything around me is unparalleled.

And I WANT THAT. I want to fucking LIVE.
This is why we show up to surf this black rainbow of Shadow and blaze ahead trails of vulnerable expression.

Welcome to 222: the Obsidian Mirror.

The year of Alignment. Alignment into our creative purpose... our dharma, what we are here to do. There is no more messing around to be had.. life is too short. If there is anything this time has taught us, is that. It's too short to be afraid. To hide. To not express love and who we are. To love fiercely who the F we are.

This time is the test of all tests. Will you answer the call?

Supporting Astrology:

Whilst Venus continues her REtrograde process in Capricorn REstructuring our values, RElationships and addressing finance fears, Mercury also RX hit its inferior conjunction to the Sun on Sunday giving us the "green light" to REcommit during this cycle without Fears of mishap. Yes, RX cycles are all about the "RE". Wednesday the 26th, the South Node conjuncts the Moon in Scorpio digging up another layer from our past complimenting Mars' ingress into Capricorn... moving with the steady direction of intention. Venus will catch up to Pluto mid- February to excavate layers of Shadow around Love we missed the first round during her cycle, use this time meanwhile to get serious in your commitments... if it doesn't propel you forward on your path... why are you doing it? The planets say, "if you show up, we'll back you up. If you are out of alignment, we will shatter the illusion you're living in".

The Nodal shift into Scorpio / Taurus for the next year and half are going to dig away at where we feel rattled on survival levels teaching us: If you fear Death, it will eat you alive. REmember the highest lesson of Scorpio is to rise as the Phenix. Embody its wisdom: Death cannot kill you. RISE into REbirth.

Perfect storm to open the gates for the next profound opportunity to align... RISE Retreat April 222.

We made some changes since last RISE. Make sure to check out the new page.

This will be the last opportunity in Mexico for a while!….see what happens here.

The year of the Obsidian Mirror was fully initiated by this portal of 1/22/2022 on Saturday. What will pass through it, and will be filtered out? How will you choose to die and be REborn? What are you gripping onto in Fear of losing whilst holding yourself hostage in the creation process of a million stars?

Come unlock secrets of our subconscious and even cosmos together; die and re-emerge in a potent portal of this Earth.

Come face the Obsidian Mirror of 222, the Shadow of the Other, the deepest depth of the I AM divine presence and get into alignment. It is not a time to waste life. It's too precious. Fwd this download to all those who need to be reminded of this medicine right now. There are many.

I am honored to be at your side on this planet igniting stars.

Wahe Guru.

ਸਤਿ ਨਾਮੁ



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