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Love: the Ultimate Embarkation

"Your vision will only become clear only when you look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens".
- Carl Jung.

Love .

Countless mystics and poets of great ages have used their art of expression to attempt how to define this mystery. How to make sense of it. How to live a life full of it. How to not go mad inside it's intoxicating scent. How we can live without it.

The ultimate embarkation inside fearlessness: vulnerability.

We can't have Love without it.

This time of year can bring sorrowing reflections of how it eludes us. Ironically, according to the natural calendar this time of year has nothing to do with intimacy or heart space at all. The astrology gives us Aquarius energy; the most detached sign of the Zodiac. This energy teaches us to look outside the box, not inward to connection. The personal planets are in Capricorn, ruled by cold master Saturn, not much of a passionate interface there either. We await Beltane season for those juicy sensual vibrations of heart felt sonnets and sexy physical pleasure (May 1 - there will be a segment to honor this transmission at RISE).

Now we turn to this Full Snow Moon two days post V-Day for the lionhearted Leo to open the Sun gates of it's wisdom to embrace us; showing us a deeper layer of Love inside the Obsidian Mirror year of 222. The Lion gives us the gift of bravery to express one's expression. The 5th house in the Zodiac rules falling in love, children, generosity, the regality of relational love. In its Shadow, the Lion becomes a petulant prince shutting out those who cast a rejective sentiment in their direction. The Lion becomes closed, walled, and bratty. They forget that COURAGE = comes from the word COR, ie the "heart as the seat of emotions", when they are inside their pain. We have all forgotten this when we are in the feels of our wounding.

What have you forgotten inside your own pain? What is hard to express from your deepest of heart spaces left in the dark waiting to be touched again?

It is a reminder, Love in action isn't just for our Ego. It's beyond the human concept of romance. The highest vibration is the act of living our vulnerability. The deepest Truth in our heart, embodied.

Being a ShadowWorker means I have to Love everyone unlike anything else. When you do your ShadowWork, it means you discover new ways to truly LOVE YOURSELF.

Showing up to Love is an embarkation of bravery on many levels. It brings many belief systems around failure, rejection, shame, regret, grief wounds - resulting in much Fear. The kind that walls us off and trembles us to the CORE. Relational love is the biggest Shadow trigger there is. The "other" brings up everything inside us we forgotten existed, even when we think it's long healed.

If we could be truly vulnerable that is the ultimate "show up" - the bravest thing we could do for ourselves.

Venus in Leo (who will return come August) is the archetype of this - those with her in your chart know how deep this heart energy flows. I myself being one, know this gift can only be accessed by loving yourself madly. The Lion can only open to the regal nature of oneself if their chalice is full - that only comes from within despite the Ego pull deeply desiring to be seen by the other. Validation is a tricky wicket to feed from this angle. So the heart must stay open... outside of Pride.

I am offering a special Astrology Reading based on blocks to Love/Relationships for the month of Feb. See below or email here.

This Full Moon energy on Wed (approx 10:59am ET) will embody this gift on the collective level. Venus in Capricorn conj. Mars and Vesta (Goddess of home, hearth, dedication) are all traveling together helping us align our values with our actions in a NO NONSENSE manner. It's go time to treat your heart with the respect and devotion it deserves. It's time to form and align lasting Love - in all directions. Venus is catching back up to Pluto (with Mars) exact on March 2nd and with Shadow periods on the personal planets finally clear the metamorphosis of the Venus RX will come to another layer of depth to discover. (I will speak more on this closer to date.)

It means, there is no more room to lie to your own heart.

When you start lying to it, it's hard to stop. The lies become walls to our most sacred selves to hide behind. The world becomes scary... vulnerability feels like an illusion. It is so damn hard to even feel our own bodies after trauma to the heart, simple expression becomes a vital challenge to our survival. We can forget we are ALIVE. And that, that is the reason we have to keep loving. Keep opening our hearts: the ultimate act of bravery. Even though it hurts or when we are most afraid of hurting again, we remember without this precious Love our humanity inside us would surely die. It is the essence of the essence of who we are.

That is why we do the brave things... Because WE ARE ALIVE. Keep showing up for your humanity... Especially when it scares you the most.

With all my Lioness heart,

ਸਤਿ ਨਾਮੁ



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