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Panther Dies a New York Death

"Death is a drawing together of two worlds, not an end. We are the bridge."
- Carl Jung

My first Panther client stepped into my then small purple apartment, lights low, candles glistening, vibration softly emitting from the speakers. I had been seeing clients in different facets for years... this was different. A level of vulnerability I never knew I had.

It was time to live my dharma.

Then there were more. So much more. With no marketing but word of mouth, clients knew about the Process. It was working, and the alchemic pathway got bigger and BIGGER.

New York had welcomed me home.

Enter years later, the year of restructure: 2020.

Returning back from the Aus tour in mid March , the cataclysm of 2020 was well under way in Gotham City. Ironic the nature of that namesake referencing NYC, as now more than ever it surely is. 'Tis a time of Shadow on a global scale and my fair city is spiraling more than I have seen in my 21 years of being in / out of her arms.

It was here I came at 19, not with family or friends...with moxi and determination. I am a true New Yorker. I used grit as my mantra and lived in Staten Island... STATEN ISLAND... to make it work. A bus, a ferry, and a train to get to HBO during the day with a bar gig at night. After these years, 4 career shifts, blood sweat and tears... it is time for Panther do what it teaches..

...die the death of New York.

Launching Panther here was the clear path. Despite my numerous levels of appreciation for my brothers / sisters doing the work in remote spaces across the globe I had met in years of travel and study, most have no idea what it's like to live on a grid and do this work - let alone one as dense as the city and be able to serve at the level Panther offers. How could they truly understand if not experienced what it was like? How could they talk Shadow without living it? To be the bridge, yes that was it.

I wanted that. I did that. I will continue to do that.

More than ever NY needs Shadow Work, like the world. If we don't understand our inner workings, our Fears, our Shame, our Judgements... this climate will see far deeper of darkness than you realize. Having tools during this time is paramount to your evolution, your dharma, your path...and OWNING that is what will change the world.

Shadow Work is the end of polarity, it's seeing Truth in all things.

In order to allow Panther to grow and morph, for me to expand as a leader, I have closed the Panther Studio on the Lower East Side and will continue to serve online revolutionary 1:1 Programs, Workshops, Classes, and continue to birth "The 5th Harmonic" - Panther's version of Hogwarts- a comprehensive school of study in psychology, energetics, somatics, occult/ religious studies, foundations of Chinese medicine and oodles more delicious tools to share with you all.

Of course, it will be illuminated by online Panther Experiences, in-person (post CV madness) , and a group of stunning practitioners in support.

We are rising leaders, and those stepping up to do the work now need an encompassing field of study to be prepared, not relay on weekend workshops in single modalities / ceremonies to enable you to put their hands on people. Or, how about a book of self -wealth for the individual that is ready to BE FREE. HERE for waitlist.

I passionately digress.

Myself , and on behalf of everyone associated with my team, I wholeheartedly thank every soul who has stepped through Panther's temple door. Everyone who showed up at city wide venues, esp thanking: Maha Rose, WOOM, Alchemist Kitchen and all those that hosted us here in the city. You all inspire me in ways without words. Every student was a teacher. Every transformation, every BREATH, every beam of light, every download, every flicker of movement you have passed on to the next to receive.

You have paid it fwd without realizing the medicine was already a part of the quantum Panther field that has reached hundreds, albeit thousands.

To all my Cubs, with tears, WAHE GURU. I love you.

I wholeheartedly thank my brothers / sisters here in NY who have supported Panther, supported me. You mean more to me than you know, strait to my soul.

I will be back to host events in the city, and will be global doing the same until the next phase presents itself in physical form.

Until then, I will be LIVE with Alchemist Kitchen on Aug 19th at 7pm (you can sign up for the recording too) for "Beyond the Patriarchy".

Personal programs launch again Sept. Click HERE to wait list. Unravel your greatest power. To turn your Fear into Freedom into 5D creative embodiment.

Aren’t we all ready for that?

Part 3 of "The META of it All" - will conclude the series next week, and bring it back to relating this out. You can see P1 and P2 if you missed it here in the Symposium.

Stay tuned.

The photo above is taken on my favorite block on the Lower East Side, 10 years later when I moved there. Shot by an old friend, doing what I do best: being the embodiment of Freedom.

Remember... "we are the bridge".

x La Pantera.


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