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"Patriarchy Has No Gender"

Bell Hooks said that. I agree.

When Panther first was launched, it was unmistakably geared towards the witchy women of this world and their power agains the patriarchy. I learned something valuable I passed on, and continue to pass on now: our angry toward the patriarchy isn't about men. It's about our powerlessness in the world. With so many power grabs happening in the world with whatever layer of nonsensical labeling, it still is what it is: the same struggle for dominance. That anger out there is reflected from within.

I was angry at men for a long time.

So are many people out there at the structured state of the world that men have created. The fact is, no matter if its a man or woman or somewhere in-between running the show - the unhealthy patriarchy regardless appears from within and projects out into the world.

I did a lot of work around my anger towards men to see that. I saw during "Me Too" how the pendulum swung to the Shadow of no responsibility of actions in groups of other angry women too. Blame and Shame games.

You know what.... it didn't do us any favors. It's time to do some real healing.

I am not angry any more at the patriarchy... because I'm no longer angry at myself for feeling victim to it.

There are Shadows in any system, in any structure and we as humans swing the pendulum in society to try and find equilibrium. Yet the Truth constantly remains: in order to achieve peace, there must be inner peace.

In order to have balance in society, we must be balanced.

This is why the work is so important. Shame dumping doesn't help others grow and learn. Propagating them with aggressive social media, rhetoric and mob think doesn't change anything. It's still toxic patriarchy at play and we are still falling for it.

During this time of Litha (summer solstice), we invite the Light to warm not just our bodies... but our heart and soul. Can we allow that to happen now? On this day? A day when so many are so angry at the world? Can we celebrate the final emancipation of Black American slaves into Freedom without politicizing it in either direction or using it as more fodder for moral high ground?

I invite you to go deeper. I invite you to make real change.

Show up and do the tough work on yourself and see what you don't want to see. Feel what is scary to feel. And know you are supported every step of the way. Tap into the Divine mother goddess energy of Litha to hold our emotional bodies during this time. Let's heal the toxic patriarchy with healthy feminine: forgiveness. We need to move up... and on.

On many fronts.

Who can you be in your full power, Truth, alignment and service to the world?




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