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Scorpio: Sex, Intimacy, Obsession

"The only way to get over an obsession is to give into it" - Oscar Wilde.

Sex, Death and Rebirth echo as the voice of Scorpio.

It's the only astrology sign with three archetypes: Scorpion, Eagle, Phoenix.

The Scorpion can sting itself out of its own anger, the Eagle can rise into perspective without reacting, and the Phoenix realizes Death cannot kill it.

All ruled by Pluto and the 8th house of intimate relating: the ultimate mirror of metamorphosis.

Ah relationship... the biggest catalyst of change.

The Shadows are most often obsession, abandonment, and betrayal all layered with an underpinning of control and innate need for power. What to expect after all from this, the subconscious soul desire nature that is Pluto? The magnitude of power is the Kundalini fire of creation itself.

....and lovers make the most flammable kind of match.

All around me this week Relationships are the hot topic - cosmic timing on point. Mars, Mercury and the Sun all dancing together.

And for all those who are having a Mars return during these transits , buckle up friends. Desire is esp the gatekeeper of your world right now!

Who to f***, when to f*** them, why did I f*** them, or even I can't stop f***ing them, HELP.

It's bringing up all the aforementioned Shadows, and then some. Who has the power, who wants the power or do we simply just give in?

All week - Infidelities, violence, sex addictions.... oh my!!

It always leads back to us, what kind of relationship do we want to ourselves? If we can't meet ourselves in these depths of 8th house Hades, we certainly won't stand inside the ultimate mirror of intimacy successfully. During the last RISE, half the conversations lead to this space. Whether it was their guilt or shame or fear around the current or past situations, it couldn't be avoided when dealing with Shadow. Their power felt lost and the realizations around that helped them heal.

Not only is it about how we get our power BACK, it's about the integrity of WHERE it comes from.

Fire, Water, Air, Earth - with you being the 5th Harmonic - are part of the balanced alchemy of RISE alongside the programming meticulously coordinated to guide you there- the POWER that is your Truth. First full day we have sunset TeMezcal to penetrate deep, after a Mayan Fire Ceremony with an ordained leader beforehand with the Panther Anger Process in the morning- just to kick it off. Water Day, Air Day, Earth Day.... all coordinating and intentional down to the timing.

We aren't afraid to dive into the 8th house here at Panther camp. We have your back. We want you to SOAR and this is the reboot you need to do it after 2021.

How better to face Death / Transformation than with your own sword of Truth?

This is for those who TRULY want to live the highest levels of life.

This is the real deal embodiment.

See what happens here and how it changed lives here.

As we continue to ride the River Styx with all this Scorpio vibration, ask yourself, how can I use these relationships dynamics to go deeper into myself to discover a hidden Truth? Perhaps part of the Truth you are uncovering is that you don't need to carry it anymore. That your bed of intimacy is ready to be full of ghosts, no longer. That no one betrayed you, but you. And you are here to RISE like the Phoenix and fly with the Eagles with all the Kundalini Power Force beyond imagination.

This is it Beloveds. Wahe Guru to your own strength to shift the impossible.

Sat Nam.



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