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Sex and Power

“I wonder if fears ever really go away,
or if they just lose their power over us.”
― Veronica Roth

In this time of feeling pushed and pulled one way or another, let's step outside the lens of "right and wrong" to look at POWERLESS and POWERFUL.

When we give our power away, we feel small, ashamed, weak, less than, tired and victimized ... sometimes in ways we aren't able to recognize in the moment. We just want it to go away, to feel some level of control or strength. Given our subconscious runs the show with trauma in tow, it's challenging to distinguish what our Soul is truly craving for our highest and best, and what our attachment bonds are screaming to hold on to.

Power has a dirty undertone, after all since the dawn of time it has been the source of all human desires for the fate of humanity on some level, whether we like it or not. The people that have it we hate, the people that don't we pity. Is it jealousy or envy that drives our distain? Lack of it within?

Or is it simply, our desires aren't being met and we don't know how to fulfill them without judgement?

It's been quite interesting watching the reactions of people in sharing my topic for the Embodiment Conference. When they hear "Sex & Power" and the premise (everything is about sex except sex, sex is about power)- I get either a trigger point "what about love" or "fuck yes".

Diving further into trigger points- manipulation games, narcissism, codependency and betrayal wounds shine. It brings up the potent question... can we all be powerful without victimizing another?

What exactly is POWER?

And when we give it up, how do we get it back? When we experience deep grief in loss through a breakup, that is the path back to ourselves and to healthier levels of growth. When we nail that job interview, make a million, or thrive in our arena, we feel "in our power".

When we are in relationship, who or what has control? Optimistic romantics would like to say it's an equal power dynamic. Alas, it is not. We are different in these dynamics calling various shots and addicted to our patterns giving power away and twisting it back into our arms in a myriad of directions.

When we have sex with someone, what exactly is exchanged? How do we get them to bed us anyway? Is it simply energy , force, drive, ... how deep does it go? How addicted are we to giving it up to something or someone else ? What does this look like in 2020 consciousness as clearly we have never seen such an extreme dance inside the power space between friends, foes and lovers?

It's deeper than you think... isn't it always?

Tuesday, Oct 20th we dive into that space at the Embodiment Conference Panther style, plus an added curated experience taking you into the Shadow realms of desire you've been avoiding. (Make sure to use the Panther link enclosed!)

Juicy... after all, you can't get into Sex & Power without the Shadow. Come out of this feeling more in touch with the authentic you, and unapologetic about it.




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