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As someone who has always wanted more from life and who has experienced much Darkness, I feel reduced by methods of conventional healing. The idea of Shadow Work was intriguing and somewhat daunting; I knew I was waiting for the right person. Upon walking into the first session of the Panther Process’ specialty immersion “Shadows of the Chakras”, (Now “the 5th Harmonic”) one thing was clear:

Kira’s presence is uncompromising, poised, intelligent, knowing and deeply loving.
I thought- “She’s fierce; I’ll take three of whatever THE FUCK she’s having”.

I had already been doing the work for some time, but I continued to suffer from unrelenting body pain, burnout, and resonating patterns of trauma. I immediately sensed that this was at least one of the steps I needed to take. I continued taking workshops with Kira/Panther and then took a bigger leap.

I scratched together what I could to take a THETA 1 training, then the THETA Advanced, then THETA Dig Deeper - each one creating a new space in my life. It feels uncanny that a major loss in my life – my father’s sudden passing occurred right in the middle of this work. I was broken hearted, in disbelief, dissatisfied with my daily life, experiencing dysfunction in my relationship, in worsening inexplicable physical pain which I had only managed to band-aid for a few days at a time…I felt vulnerable.

I knew that it could be so much better but how?

I began a 1:1 Curated Panther Program with Kira, and did it ever come up and out, raw, challenging, exalting – we did what was needed. I always felt held and could tell it was a long process.
What I am most grateful for is her method of guidance outside of traditional polarizing framework of popular understanding.

When I wrapped up the program, I didn’t really know all the ways that it would serve me over the next year. I had been living with my boyfriend, and though we love each other, our codependent traumatized patterns were running the show. Moving out felt like the scariest thing, I was terrified and questioned it perpetually. This is possible because I took a necessary action to break our codependent behavior…and it worked. Some say that it’s nearly impossible to do that, or that it takes so long it’s not worth it. Now we are in couples therapy experiencing a safe and revealing environment to beam light into our patterns. I am being shown what needs to be seen, I have the tools to process it on every level.

I feel truly interdependent.

Without Kira I might not have made that leap.
Somehow, every teacher I have committed to has one thing in common – like Kira - that each human individually has the instinct of what is best for themselves. I am continually turned towards discovering personal power.

During Covid -19 in NYC I picked up on every thing and felt it in my body empathically…sheer overwhelm! I already have severe body trauma for most of my life, it’s excruciating and suspends me in hopelessness. I felt the collective fear and uncertainty, and my own fear and uncertainty. I prayed I could get through this without another body crisis. And then it happened without the physical support of the few who could help. I figured I had nothing to lose by trying on my own; I had all the tools.

A breakthrough. I healed my own chronic pain.

Using these tools that I had picked up purposefully over the years. How many times did I feel like giving up? I had been told for 15 years I would be in pain the rest of my life that there was just something wrong with me, I was just too sensitive, caused myself stress. I have no doubt that this work created the conditions for personal growth on all levels.

Flooded with a brand new sense of empowerment, I am affirmed. In my gut I knew it was possible. I trusted myself and even when discouraged, when people around me thought I was crazy, wasting my time/ money, when I hid all the realms I was exploring to avoid judgement by others.

This is a new level of self mastery - NEW potential, a BIGGER world.

I am deeply grateful to all of those who redefined the realms of possibility simply by dedicating themselves to their mastery and by believing in me. My connection to Kira/Panther has greatly assisted and accelerated these events.

I am ever grateful and would recommend her to anyone who seeks a fearless, compassionate, otherworldly alliance while you drop into the blackest parts of your Shadow and hold the space for the essential transmutation as you work towards your own personal revolution.

Arielle D.

Artist/ Teacher / Entrepreneur

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