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Testimonials List (draft)

In my early 20’s, my life took a detour into darkness. I was homeless at one point, grappled with addiction - real darkness. I was engulfed by a sorrow that I couldn’t explain or understand. I felt as though I was sinking in quicksand, always gasping for air. Staying numb was the only way I could cope, the only way I could breathe.

For my whole life, Kira, I have skittered away from my emotions—denied them, repressed them, wished they would just go away. For fifty-five years I considered my physical being to be a burden—a drag on my spirit, a petulant child demanding food, resources, and care. And for more than forty years I managed these unruly emotions and this needy body with alcohol and drugs and whatever else I could find to numb these vexing sensations.

As someone who has always wanted more from life and who has experienced much Darkness, I feel reduced by methods of conventional healing. The idea of Shadow Work was intriguing and somewhat daunting; I knew I was waiting for the right person. Upon walking into the first session of the Panther Process’ specialty immersion “Shadows of the Chakras”, (Now “the 5th Harmonic”) one thing was clear:

Kira’s presence is uncompromising, poised, intelligent, knowing and deeply loving.
I thought- “She’s fierce; I’ll take three of whatever THE FUCK she’s having”.

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