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For my whole life, Kira, I have skittered away from my emotions—denied them, repressed them, wished they would just go away. For fifty-five years I considered my physical being to be a burden—a drag on my spirit, a petulant child demanding food, resources, and care. And for more than forty years I managed these unruly emotions and this needy body with alcohol and drugs and whatever else I could find to numb these vexing sensations.

How can it be that, in only a few sessions, the Panther Process was able to shatter these deeply-ingrained habits and constraining beliefs? How can it be that, as the months since my first Panther experience roll by, I continue to marvel as I awaken to the magic of being fully present, of being physical and mental and physical . . . of being messy and juicy and wonderful and alive?
The Panther Process is a gift from somewhere, or something, or someone—another dimension? a higher consciousness? an angel? . . . it doesn’t matter.

What matters is that Panther is here, now, right when we as a species need it the most.

You, Kira, wield the powers of this gift in complete safety, with utter confidence, astounding knowledge, lissome grace, warm humor, and a love that has touched me deeply.
I am forever grateful to you ...y la pantera.

Drew S.

Art Director

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