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In my early 20’s, my life took a detour into darkness. I was homeless at one point, grappled with addiction - real darkness. I was engulfed by a sorrow that I couldn’t explain or understand. I felt as though I was sinking in quicksand, always gasping for air. Staying numb was the only way I could cope, the only way I could breathe.

In 2005, I had a moment of grace, and caught a brief shimmer of the light within me. This sparked my intrigue, and motivated a curiosity in me to explore that light. Over the next 13 years, I became a seeker, exploring numerous healers, practices, teachers, philosophies, retreats, and workshops. You name it, I explored it! I learned much during this period, and as my inner world transformed, so naturally did my outer world.

I was becoming, and I felt a calling to step out in a larger way than I ever had before. I wanted to share my story, and my hope and truth, all of myself really. However, I couldn’t find my voice. Despite all the acquired knowledge and experience and exploration, I was also very stuck. I couldn’t progress forward, and no matter how many self-help books I read and workshops I attended, I couldn’t figure out what was blocking me. What was holding me back? This missing link eluded me, and I was left confounded. That is, ...until I met with Kira.

After one Panther session with her, something unlocked within me, and each session thereafter guided me through further recesses of myself: old emotions tucked in the shadows that longed to be seen, heard and understood. The process allowed me to integrate these fragmented aspects into the wholeness of my being. It’s difficult to put the experience into words, but I learned that instead of fearing the parts of myself in the shadows, I needed to love and embrace them, even celebrate them, because each and every experience of my life had led me to the present moment . . . back to myself.

The work I did with Kira was other-worldly.

The unique blend of modalities she incorporated into the Panther experience allowed me to create more “space” within me. This magical journey was exactly what I needed to finally OWN who I am and why I am here. Kira held the key that unlocked the door to a wholeness I’d been seeking, and I was able to step across a threshold, and finally EXPRESS my authenticity with confidence.
I learned that you cannot fully appreciate the magnificence of the light without a willingness to explore the dark – that there are gifts and healing to be found in the shadows. Embracing the darkness was the piece of the puzzle I was missing to loving myself wholeheartedly.

While my intensive with Kira was completed over a year ago, the seeds sewn are still reaping a harvest I couldn’t have even foreseen when I started. The full impact of the Panther experience is one that continues to unfold in my life.

Joshua Smith

Personal Development Coach/Sacred Lifestylist

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