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Make Goals in 2018? Nope.

"What will the future bring?

From time immemorial this question has occupied (hu)man's minds, though not always to the same degree.

Historically, it is chiefly in times of physical, political, economic and spiritual distress that eyes turn with anxious hope to the future,

and when anticipations, utopias and apocalyptic visions multiply".

- Carl Jung

Here we are.... another ending.

Remember, thats all it is.

We have the Lunar, Solar, Pagan, Jewish, Balinese, (to name a few) and our own personal New Year, the Solar Return (birthday) - that all personally mean more to than this calendar archetype.

So many ways to celebrate and start "anew".

When we set these "goals" we set up a lethal expectation and pressure, feeding our subconscious patterning as way to get down on ourselves.

The truth is we are anew everyday.

When we make a conscious decision to shift that it manifests in the physical realms of every day life.

When individuals decide something doesn't work, or to try something new, or even to unveil a piece of ourselves yet unseen to the world.

What kind of conversations are you having with yourself in this moment?

The individual is not determined solely by the Ego's opinions or social societal factors, yet by the intense personal relationship to something extraordinary.

Remember, that pressures to "evaluate productivity" of your life over the course of a unit of measure is a moot point.

You have another chance every day, every moment, to re-invent, cultivate, shift, grow.

No one can determine that but you.

So let go of any pressure you have on yourself.

Let go of any expectation.

Notice any Shame around "failed" ventures this 2017.

Say to yourself....

Hell with it.

How does that feel?

Enter in the new Saturnian cycle.

Three years of Capricornian new structure to form in a time when the world is calling for a new system.


The best part?

Saturn keeps it real.

So much Jupiter these last few years, so much Fire energy seeking, asking, for highest truth and upsets calling out Kali vibes and fire bombs.

Now we have Earth to ground it in.

Now we are ready.

Ready to form the new.

Ready to grow up.

Here is to the Individual, not only may we all find the path unique and radiant to our being, may we have the courage to commit to the world we are building.

And in the nature of Divine flow, here I am taking space on another Volcanic Island of the Fire Goddess.

The deeper meaning of Aloha is "one with the breath".

Haole is a term that the Hawaiians coined for the foreigners meaning "without breath" or "one without spirit".

I offer this simple message in the coming calendar year... Breathe and feel your Spirit.

And if it hurts when you breathe this deep, your Soul is hurting too.

So take another inhale.

Let it wash over you. Let whatever is inside out on the exhale.

And if it keeps hurting, breathe even deeper. Make space for the deep relationship with something extraordinary.

Make room for the Aloha.

Maybe the only invitation for 2018 needs to be... don't be a Haole.

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