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Retrogrades Love Doubt

"We want to have certainties and no doubts

—results and no experiments—

without even seeing that certainties can arise

only through doubt

and results only through experiment.

The artful denial of a problem

will not produce conviction;

on the contrary,

a wider and higher consciousness

is required to give us

the certainty and clarity we need.”

- C. Jung

How has the last few weeks been for you?

That juicy start, stop, frustration, anger dance sound familiar?

Felt more more than just a retrograde?

It's the God of War conjunct the Lord of Karma in challenge with the Fire Sun in Aries.

Mars is trying to move forward and all he's getting is Saturn's rule book....

"Article section 1, paragraph 3, line 7..... your manifesting engine of desire must halt in the name of self evaluation and discernment. Chill out"

In the inner realms, Mars rules the Solar Plexus, our belly - home to our power center and its Shadow Shame.

It's amazing how much its sister Doubt emerges when our Power is placed on hold.

We can't just blaze through it.

We can't throw our head into the brick wall of life and break away until we get what we (think) we want.

And with the Doubt comes the old Shame gremlins from the past.

I've heard this on repeat from my recent trip out Panthering in LA to my clients here in Gotham:

"I can't believe I am STILL in this place"

"THAT near forgotten memory is holding me back from moving forward??"

"Nothing rational makes sense to why I still love her!! She's a horrible person! "

"I feel like a moron when I think about it"

Doubt tells us there is a value to question, so question it.

Make the shifts to re-align ... check yourself on your authentic motives.

Stare at Shame with courage and conviction.

You validating your Ego or your Dharma?

Take a breath....

Can you Free Yourself?

In Loving Grace,

Kira xx

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