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The Great Healing Crisis of 2018

“A bridge of silver wings stretches from the dead ashes of an unforgiving nightmare to the jeweled vision of a life started anew.” -Aberjhani Experience is the authentic path of learning. Through a holographic lens, the stimuli spread through the body on a physical, mental and spiritual level. Without this comprehensive knowledge there is no Wisdom. We can theorize it, we can debate it, use our minds to comprehend perhaps social sympathize... yet we cannot fully understand in its ultimate frequency; divine resonance. Those who have authentic wisdom, have learned through pain. 2018 was a year to take full advantage of emerging wisdom through deeper layers beyond a conscious state of understanding. And this was a year to become a Sage as painful unconscious patterning streamed up from sources buried beneath boulders of old wounding thought to be long crumbled. It seems everywhere we turned, someone or something was pulling out shards of shattered illusions in a manifested healing crisis, including ones own. This year as Uranus went into Taurus we felt shockwaves liberating us from old structures revealing which no longer suited. As Mars (conscious desire and engine of Pluto the Soul) barreled along this summer with the S.Node (Karmic past) we were faced with where the inner warrior felt defeated. Paired with Chiron (wounded healer) in retrograde back in Pisces mixed with months of a Scorpio party led by Jupiter it was the perfect recipe for a Fear epidemic. Safety, boundaries, money... our structures, our plans, our realities had finally broken our rose colored glasses around the structures of our life. We had no control. On New Years Day, Mars emerged into a new cycle with Chiron finally giving us a break from this Pisces Shadow of victimhood and into a burst of Arian fire to kick us in high gear to rebuild new platforms of sustainable lives. The only way to set ourselves up for the 2019/2020 gargantuan mash up between Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter (Mars will join them as well in March) is to make the choice to heal now and tear down the old structures. I know it hurts.

Who will we be when we finally allow the antidote of the wounded healer in Aries showing us how to be a TRUE spiritual warrior for the mass healing of the collective? To shine like the silver wings from the ashes? Will we deny feeling the fullest extent of our pain and hide our medicine from the world? Will we continue to build our house of life on a moldy, diluted structure? The eclipse on the 5th is setting the tone (albeit Saturn serious) for you to focus and manifest. This Sat the 12th, I will be holding space for the Pluto/S.Node/Sun conjunction blasting open what remains of the old. This is an activated day to face the old enmeshed inside with the Lord of Karma himself, Saturn, pushing you to step up and get real for the long haul. Join me. If we touch what we Fear, we grow. In Grace, Kira

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