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...And all of a Sudden, We Have Unity.

"Their aim is to divide us all!

They want us to be inhuman.

They want us to throw out our kindness.

They want us to bury our love

and burn our hope.

They are so ignorant they don’t understand

that we will never be afraid,

we will never hate

and we will never be silent

for life is ours!”

- Kamand Kojouri (excerpt, read entire poem on IG)

Witnessing the global events unfold I notice one very important thing: this is the most unified the country, nay, the world has been in 2 years.

We are inspired by the countless heroic stories from college students with Molotov cocktails to their President on the ground in iron tanks; from “Ghost” Fighter Pilots to farmers absconding Russian military equipment with tractors- they are inspiring us for one reason, they are living Fearlessly. They don't care who they please and who they offend. They don't care if they die. They are committed. They are present for the fight. For their Life.

Are you present for yours?

Whether all the facts have been revealed (they have not) or whether the media is telling the whole truth (they aren’t) - doesn’t matter. In this moment, in this breath, we remember this moment in the fiber of our being.

When I witness Zelensky stand tall on the ground, it reminds me personally as a Jew how strong my linage is. One of our core values is to never give up, never surrender who we are. That has lasted us almost 6k years despite unspeakable acts of global persecution. When I watch the events in the Ukraine, I get it. If they put down their weapons they will no longer exist. Same with Israel. Same with anyone who has ever had to fight for their homeland.

Or with anyone who has ever had to fight for themselves... HOME within.

We can get lost during these times, distracted. It's easier to hide or tune out. To be absorbed by the mob to survive, to simply give up that core within ourselves.

We all must, no matter who you are, honor who you are and take a stand for yourself. As so within, is without.

What does that feel like reverberating in your body when you say out loud right here and now: " I AM FEARLESS". Is there hesitation? Doubt? Shame?

What about: " I AM HOME"?

Take an honest evaluation of yourself: how many of you have been living your life in Fear the last 2 years: Afraid to spend money, afraid to leave the house, afraid to take off your "mask" (in its many forms), afraid to tell someone you love them, afraid of rejection, afraid of Truth, afraid of more change or more loss....

How much have you compromised of yourself to fit in? To conform? To resist change?

In this breath, in this moment … we remember. Can you see what is beyond your own self and your own challenges with what these 2 years have brought forth and be willing to feel the connectivity that the collective has been begging for? Can you put aside your own differences about policy and function and remember what it feels like to RISE united... within yourself.

As so within, is without.

Astrological Support:

Under this Piscean Sun conj Jupiter (exact on March 4th), the feeling body is hyper expanded and so is the confusion of the ethers that is the Pisces energetic current. Inside the rose colored glass frame of our fishy friend, illusion and delusion are Shadows present. Come the New Moon on March 2nd, the etheric waters will feel like astral flood gates. It is time to dream the dream, yet resist the temptation to lose yourself inside the vision. Use your tools / practices to stay in your body to integrate it all. Be inward. Let the tears be like honey, sweet and thick.

Scorpio / Taurus Nodal axis will continue to reveal what has been hidden. Expect the unexpected. (Aliens, stage Left!) Remember, safety is an illusion. Eris, our Goddess of Discord, continues to square the Capricorn planetary train (including Mars, her brother GD of War) holding steady discontent with societal structure. The sibling of these two bringers of chaos? Their brother, Spirituality.

Smile... it's all a cosmic joke.

Dedicated to all those fighting for who / what they believe in that pass onto the next world inside this moment of inspiration for the collective... thank you for this unification, thank you for this breath… May their memory be a blessing.

I will see all my fearless fighters in Oaxaxa come April 30th for the next RISE initiation.

I can't wait to see you shine.

ਸਤਿ ਨਾਮੁ



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