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Portals of Truth illuminated: Eclipse #2

"Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon and the truth" - Buddha

"Truth" is something debated in both the philosophical and spiritual worlds. With all this Sag/ Gemini energy in play, it brings this energy of the ethers into the 3D world to be examined and discussed in the highest light.

What is Truth? Is it "yours"? Is it "mine"? Is it "universal"?

To answer this we must dive into what we don't know, we don't know: the Shadow. Truth is not an easy thing to take sometimes. It shatters our illusions of how we want life to be. And in the end of it all, it is sad to feel the loss of something we wanted so dearly. A desire unmet or a jab into our core wounding.

What the Truth doesn't do, is cause suffering. Human stories only cause that. Pain is not suffering, pain passes quickly when we face it. It is the prolonging, repressing, holding that creates this suffering.

It can't prolong pain, as it simply IS. It doesn't play head games or manipulate us. It doesn't abandon us or betray us. It doesn't cause Fear, because the Truth shows us the solution, the way forward.

We just have to listen. Be willing to see. And make the conscious choice that we will surf the waves that it brings with laughter. Life is absurd, no matter how serious it can feel. Life simply IS. Falling into the Truth, surrendering gives us so much Freedom.

Before your power is given away to something/someone else, stand in the Truth. All of it, that's what Shadow Work is: Seeing the truth in all things. It's Universal. Multi- dimensional. And it reaches a philosophical point where the details get so far debated, it is diluted and we miss the bottom line. We miss the accountability for ourselves. The medicine.

Your "truth" just means your "feelings" around it. We cannot confuse the two or we have no container to culminate our next steps fwd.

Allow this next Eclipse and the astrology around it to open these gates for you.... allow the Truth to be seen. You can handle it. It's only Shadow after all...




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