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The Highest High I've Ever Felt

"The meaning of spirituality is to be healthy and happy; to be physically, emotionally, and mentally strong. We can't find this with imagination. We must practice.
- Ratu Bagus.

The feeling of being out of control in your own body in the most delicious ways is not something many people are comfortable with. Yet, rituals and medicine circles are becoming more and more popular in the mainstream.

Insights, downloads, revelations stream through the cosmos and we feel superhuman.Being able to do this without drugs ... this is the ultimate high.

This is the way of the 5D Human.

I was living in Bali at the time and decided to go to Ratu's ashram next to the peak of power volcano, Mt. Agung. This place was an oasis. The natural water pool, mini waterfalls and streams, stunning Taman (temple space) to practice in, and meeting people from all over the world wrapped in a sweaty mess of self delight. There was nothing more exhilarating than coming out of a two hour bio-dynamic shaking meditation into mantra of song and layers of your unwanted energy laid to waste on the Taman floor. Piles of sweat and hysterically laughing humans.

Enter Ratu.

When he came into the space during our shakes it was like setting each one of us like ping pong balls into a state of ecstasy, whether it was through a Shadow process or sheer bliss, we were on the roller coaster that was transformation unlike anything I have ever experienced.

There are many stories that relate to this ashram. Far more than I have space for in this letter... encompassing the feeling of when I first picked up the Darshan (sprit / energy transmission of the Guru) is a task, even for a writer like me. How can you describe something indescribable? How can you feel so RAW and so SAFE at the same time? How can I hear a thousand layers in a song after shaking for a few hours in his presence and when he even looked at me, my body involuntarily shot across the room.. happily?

Like many big Gurus he was controversial. Every Guru has a thorn, it doesn’t lessen the magic of the transmission.

I have never experienced a greater high since.

Now I pass on shaking to my students, my clients, and into the world via my own transmission. With Ratu leaving this Earth, his spirit will find its way back to the ashram next to the magic Balinese volcano … perhaps I will return. Check out the IG images for adventure.

Panther has been described as sober Ayahuasca.

This is part of the reason why.

Remember it’s possible to get there with your own Kundalini force, your own Power.

And I am here to remind you of that.

Remember, you can fly further than you've yet dreamed.

Om Swastiastu Ratu.



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