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The Meta: Part 3

“No tree can grow to Heaven unless its roots reach down to Hell.”
-Carl Jung

It is a bit exhausting to see the Shadow the way I do. My Truth is, I feel tired.. I have been busy this year holding all of you, then recently closing the Panther studio in NYC, last minute oral surgeries, and closing 21 years of life's chapters. Yes loves, 2020 took my two front be it.

Thank you to those who reached out in support and respect to what Panther has done for them, and appreciation in my time from the last Panther Download. I heard some regrets about not coming enough to while it was available, some sadness. I will be back to NYC soon enough to visit and shred Shadow with illuminated fresh vibrance from the lush land of the Toltec.

Everything was done as it needed to be, and I prefer to let go rather than be dragged.

We must also conserve our energy during this time realizing this important point: you can only reach those directly in front of you, or behind you. So invest in those people, let them pass their own torch. My job is to keep people in alignment and to share Truth, not to coddle- the rest is up to them. Meta consciousness is a larger scale of awareness, outside the outside of oneself. If you missed the previous META downloads...P1 & P2, find them here on the Panther Symposium page.

If 2020 can offer us lessons, what would they be in the META…

Think for yourself. Any narrative that tells you not to ask questions is one automatically to be questioned. How can we come from a place of compassion and clarity as to what we are responsible for? Ditch the box you think in, no matter how "good" of a human you feel you are inside it. The piousness will destroy your humanity. You do that by digging into one layer at a time.

Imagine if we could hear another without them blaming or feeling blamed. Imagine if we didn't carry trauma from past lives of others. If we had compassion for them instead of hating them. Imagine if original sin was actually the point... if the apple actually was seeing "the other" in deep wisdom instead of using it to kill each other softly ascending to some patriarchal version of sainthood.

We could be Free.

“To suffer terribly and to know yourself as the cause: that is Hell.”
-Jordan Peterson

That anger is a part of oneself we have not yet forgiven. We criticize our very existence more times than we notice our own breath in a single day with our passing thoughts. Laugh and cry it out, you're human and that's EPIC in itself.

I run a mirror exercise with clients to help embrace their Shadow. The most polarizing figure that appears? Arguably the most polarizing figure on the planet.

Trump comes up with the qualities of narcism, bigotry and arrogance generally leading the charge and of late, racist. Followed by “I’M NOTHING LIKE HIM” exclamation. Beloveds, this is YOU. If it bothers you, it's inside you. The Shadow shows up in every way we reject / suppress ourselves, no matter what it is without fail. It's not about what THEY do, it's simply a catalyst. And so is he.

Shadow doesn't always show up in the same way, alas it's there lurking, which feels horrid at first when recognized. If it doesn't, you haven't found it yet. If this triggers you now, good. It means you’re getting to a place of Truth. There is a desire to escape, to deny, and copious amounts of Shame when we touch it or keep us from it. If you can not be triggered by the most polarizing figure, no matter who, you are FREE.

It's ok.

If we can't come to a place, basic couples therapy level of empathy we won't make it through this without continuing sheer mayhem.

I have clients across the political spectrum. There is one thing that is constant, what they are fighting is where their trauma runs the show. I have yet to see an exception. I just look around at the political spectrum and feel exhaustion, it’s like a psychological university exam of distortion. It all comes down to basic emotions. Fear, Love, Shame, Grief. People are in pain.

Sometimes we just need to be vulnerable instead of trying to exert power in the form of control, "I ask you to wear a mask because I'm scared and that's a way you can help me feel safe when I feel like everything is falling apart- I need support". Or, "My medical rights are mine and I'm fearful of what will happen when the government takes control over my body. I feel I will lose control over the only thing I have, me." What could we say to these voices that is loving?

On Sept 29th we rock “Alchemy of Anger” and run this mirror work to help digest this fire and ash. Cat and I will be facilitating this safe space for you to explore, to create space, to shift the energy.

Corona will continue to play out, and the astrology stellium of 2020, which I have talked about extensively as well as the Mars RX/Lilith/Eris/Chiron combo will continue this energy through the year.

As much as the collective is exasperated, I am finding this purification returning life to a sweet simpleness highlighting how much there is to celebrate. Besides, aren’t we all tired of our own complaints?

...YOU’RE ALIVE. Nothing will be the same again and that’s damn bloody fantastic.

I’m here to get you fit to serve, to lead, to pave the way for 5D in full creative expression.

On September 17th, I enter my 4th decade of life...My "wisdom" year - I easily find more things to be honor within myself every day. I am ALIVE. This is what I wish for you. Remember this time of the ancestor gateways, this New Solar Return Moon, and the Jewish New Year year 5781 of rebirth on the 18th are all here to support you as we get into the dark half of the year.

Be kind to one another. Seek to understand, not dominate. Remember your frustration is where you feel powerless, and the most powerful thing you can do to be IN that power is do your Shadow Work. This is how we change the statistic, not by trying to herd sheep. It’s always US.

Love from the land of the Nagual.

See on the other side of 39.

X Kira


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