Alchemizing Shadow and Light: the 5th Harmonic
June 22nd 
LIVE: Alchemist Kitchen , NYC


Open a Pandora’s Box of emotional discovery alchemizing ourselves into balance after a transformative year to take you to the next level of mastery. “The 5th Harmonic”, is a known concept in universal teachings like music, the occult, and other spiritual teachings. When we tap into the curated work of the Panther Process through this comprehensive system, nuances once repressed and unseen we can now embody as our full 5D selves! The Shadow is everything we don’t know , we don’t know. It can dominate our landscape seeking the outward manifestation in the form of projections, shock, trauma, drama.

This is for people who want to live life in their fullest expression, tap into a world of balanced, integrative knowledge, and not live the same story over and over again by transforming pain to power.

You will learn:

The Shadow of each Chakra and what that means
Belief systems foundations and where they come from
How they affect your physical/emotional/energetic bodies
How the planets correlate with each Chakra
Connection & experience linking the Chakra systems to Somatic exercises
What Somatic movements are and why they help
Connection of multiple schools of thought into one easy system


“The ‘Shadows of the Chakras’ (the 5th Harmonic) series was an experience I will never forget, and look forward to working with you again! I love your energy and find It so powerful and nourishing.

It was raw, profound, and beautiful. The ripples are real and deep like roots that have penetrated deep into imprinted trauma that is holding me back. Thank you thank you thank you!”

(More Praise for SOTC and Panther….)

Click HERE to sign up through Alchemist Kitchen.

REBIRTH: a Fearless Celebration of Life
June 26th 
Private Residence, Wallkill NY
3pm - 8pm

Kira's back in NY for a Summer Tour and can't wait to get her hands on her beloved Tribe curating an illuminating Panther Experience!

Time to remember what it means to be Fearless. To be truly Empowered  as your INDIVIDUAL self. No matrix titles, no bullshit.

In honor of the work we have done honoring the dark half of the year in the Witches calendar, and the work now at our doorstep as we revolutionize in this New World, we come together in community ritual for the first time on NY Panther turf since 2019. 

Time to celebrate how far we have come, shed layers lurking, bring forth the Solar Empowerment of the Solstice time setting the grids forward for the rest of the year. 

​There will be NO masks, NO social distancing. 

There will be:
- a safe space without Fear and isolation
- a safe space without group think or politics

- Panther community 
- Panther BreathWork Journey
- Organic beautiful food
-Cacao ceremony 
-Solstice Ritual
-Somatic Experiences

-Fire Circle / Dancing
-Magical atmosphere
-Kira hands on

... and much more intuitively crafted just for you.

Life as we knew it has certainly changed. The best is yet to come for those who chose to RISE into their Dharma. You owe it to yourself to be who you were born to be.

Can't wait to reunite. 

Like all Panther Events, everyone is welcome.

147$ per ticket / 2 for 270$

"Let's laugh at the odds so much that Death trembles to take us"
- Bukowski.


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