Money. Sex. Shadow

Jan 25th, 10-5pm 2020

Sydney AUS, Leela Center

Embrace your Fear . Own your Fire . Claim your Freedom

While the whole country is rampant with Fear right now as the fires rage. It’s the clear symbol of the inner fires raging inside us all.
There is a massive call to RISE, RECLAIM and RESET our fight or flight responses that are blocking our life force.

Your Money & Creativity are powerfully linked with your life-force (Eros) and your ability to level up and manifest in all areas of life. Living in states of subconscious Fear (especially around money, sex, & shadow) blocks your life force, limits your magnetism and is costing you being in your FULL POWER.

Ramya and Kira team up for this RARE & POWERFUL 1 Day Workshop as they combine their forces to serve you some of the most potent life changing tools, practices, & embodiment rituals designed to take your empowerment to the next level! ..........

Do you want to live 2020 in scarcity or ABUNDANCE?


If you're ready to release limiting beliefs, unblock your authentic expression (life force), claim your shadows around money, sex and power, and get fully aligned with your deepest expression and potential, then this epic day of transformation and diving into your psyche, body, mind you will get back on track for a most powerful 2020.

ITS TIME to embrace your power, utilize your fire for creative transformation, and wield the unstoppable force of potency & life force that is YOU in the world!

You will experience:
Panther Breathwork™
Somatic Embodiment
THETA Healing ®/ BreakFree Techniques
Reclamation Ritual
Energetic Alignments

Let’s show up together to alchemize the destructive fires of both our inner and outer realities .
Let’s dive into passionate change for the safety & sanctity of not just ourselves, but our community.
Let’s live fully in alignment & create the world we desire.

It starts NOW. Are you ready?






Sex, Death, Rebirth: Sensory Experience

Oct 31st, 9-11pm

WOOM Center, Bowery


Excited and honored to bring this program back for its 4th different installment (3rd year).

The highly transformative, acclaimed, and a Panther staple program flushing out all that no longer serves into anew on the gateway of Witches New Year/Day of Dead. 

The veil is thin, it's time to dive deep into everything that lies beneath. 

Scorpio is the archetype of magic, Shadow, and transformation.

Honored by three creatures, the Scorpion, the Eagle, the Phoenix, it represents the evolution of human consciousness through our ability to rebirth.

It is here we meet the Shadow, the subconscious and all that lies beneath.

This journey on this holy rite of passage holds special frequency of cosmic alignments opening the veil to our ancestors releasing what no longer serves, feel the freedom in our own life force, and rebirth as the energetic incarnation you were born to be. We travel into the depths of Scorpionic radiance in and out of time, merging the magic methodology of the Panther Process & Jarrod Byrne Mayer, Founder of Brooklyn Healing Arts.

Open to all sexes, ghosts, witches and magical beings. And for those who want to party with them.

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Immersion: Beyond Pop Culture Readings 

Sept 28th, 10am-5pm 

Panther Loft, Lower East Side 


** space is limited **

Click HERE to email and reserve. 


Tired of hearing about Mercury RX?? What does it all mean??

There are layers beyond layers of how and why Astrology is both a Left and Right brain science. 

Today we will lay the foundations for all the ingredients on how to PROPERLY interpret the astral bodies to understand the magic of this amazing science. Too often pop culture (and a friend of two) blanket social media, youtube, and blogs with generic readings without the tools to understand how it affects your life leaving you confused. 

With excitement, I offer this full day immersion in safe space to explore this realm step by step EMPOWERING you in true Panther fashion to use this knowledge as the ancients intended: to co-create your life. 


You will learn/ experience:

- The lineage of different forms of Astrology

-Basis of Evolutionary Astrology 

- Planetary / Zodiac archetypes 

- Female astroid bodies + co-rulerships 

- Planetary Phases / Aspects

- How to connect the dots of basic interpretation PROPERLY by end of day

- Practice on each others charts / group + partner work

- Incorporate experiential methods/games 

- Classes on loft sized projection screen


- New Moon Closing Cacao Ceremony





Shadows of the Chakras

Sept 11th, 8-10pm

Alchemist Kitchen

Click HERE. 

”I must have a Dark side if I am to be whole”- Carl Jung


Open a Pandora’s Box of emotional discovery and mastery with understanding and insight into the “Shadows of the Chakras”.  Nuances we feel in the human experience are either expressed or repressed, consciously and unconsciously. The Shadow is everything we don’t know, we don’t know.  When the Shadow rules, it dominates our landscape seeking the outward manifestation in the form of projections, shock, trauma, drama.


Over the course of this informative program, the Panther Process will help you to uncover the Shadow inside your unique energy body. We will unravel, explore, and play through Shadows of the emotional landscape Chakra by Chakra (anger, fear, judgement, guilt, shame, grief, lies, illusion, attachment) with Panther methodology. 


We will explore together:

  • The Shadow of each Chakra and what that means

  • Belief systems foundations 

  • How they affect your physical/emotional/energetic bodies

  • How the planets correlate with each Chakra 

  • Evolutionary Astrology essentials in your chart and how the planets relate

  • Connection & experience linking the Chakra systems to Somatic exercises 

  • What Somatic movements are and why they help

  • Bio-electric grounding meditation practice and why its effective 

… and always more as we learn together.


“The ‘Shadows of the Chakras’ series was an experience I will never forget, and look forward to working with you again! I love your energy and find It so powerful and nourishing.
It was raw, profound, and beautiful. The ripples are real and deep like roots that have penetrated deep into imprinted trauma that is holding me back. 

Thank you thank you thank you!”

(More Praise for SOTC and Panther….)




Karmic Relationships: Shadows & Love

May 11th

WOOM Center, Bowery


Unconscious blocks from Karmic relationship past block the full potential of the heart. During this potent planetary time, we merge Panther Breath, Sound, Kundalini, and more, clearing our hearts from the past.

Pluto conj the S. Node representing the merging of the Unconscious, the Soul’s desires, death, sex, transformation with the karmic past. It represents the evolution of human consciousness through our ability to shed and rebirth.  It is here we meet the Shadows that have held us back, the subconscious and all that lies beneath.


During this time where the planets and the seasonal time of love, sex, and fertility collide, we will merge Panther Breath, Sound, Kundalini, and Sensory Elements, as we clear our hearts from the past layers yet unseen. We travel into the depths of what blocks our heart using methodology of the Panther Process & sacred shamanic vibrations of a surprise guest.


The Shadow Experience

May 22nd, 7:30pm

NOVO Gallery, 263 Bowery, NYC

For tickets Click HERE.

Inside the subconscious mind we take a trip into what you don’t know, you don’t know : your own Pandora’s Box. Utilizing the different sensory landscapes through integrative art, sound, and transformational methods we can access new sensations within.

Launching the evening with a special cacao + breathwork ceremony with TPP Curator Kira on vinyl, followed by abstract musical movements/performances emulating different Shadow landscapes with the Japanese art of Butoh complemented by live music pieces and surprises ending with an ambient DJ set to take us late.  


Special guests: Sindy Butz - Butoh Performance, MJ/ Katie Down - steel cello, gong, flute


Join us for this uniquely conceptualized event merging the worlds of art and consciousness in a new, fresh way.


Sunday Sessions: April

April 14th

6-9pm, Panther Loft, LES

This is a once a month special curated event for max 10-12 guests. The goal is to bring community together to enable more vulnerable, yet casual, fluid connections with those who are doing the work. Typically these events are for Tribe who are already familiar with Panther. This month, is open to guests.

This months event was inspired in light of the acts in Christchurch as a reminder to honor the right of Freedom to all peoples of this Earth. Passover is my personal favorite holiday in respect to that. Tonight, we will have a Panther modern seder ritual reflecting on a multi-cultural landscape of celebration, a journey with hands-on Panther energy/breath and sound from the divine Shunny Williamovious. 

A Chef'd meal will also be served.

Produce is organic + vegetarian + gluten free wherever possible.

Exchange for this event is 125$.

This month, if you would like to bring a guest who is NEW to Panther they are gifted at 88$.


***For those who are desiring Private sessions and its not in their budget, I highly recommend Sunday Sessions. These are much more intimate then standard venues and provide extra energetic  hands on healing attention. 




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