Beyond the Patriarchy: Redefining Astrological Archetypes

Nov 10th, 7PM- via the Alchemist Kitchen Online

“When you don’t follow your nature there is a hole in the universe where you were supposed to be.”

​Dane Rudhyar


Welcome to Beyond Patriarchal Astrology presented by Kira Saundra, the Founder/Curator of The Panther Process. 


Kira is a 2nd generation astrologer who began studying at the age of 15 on her own in the School of Evolutionary Astrology. For the past 25 years she has studied the stars in a way that transmutes the ancient form of mystic interpretation into modern reality.


What does astrology look like when we take away constructs from old paradigms? When we feel like we belong just as we are? What can it mean in the forms of new acceptance when we alchemize the cosmos in a way that honors all archetypes of energy?


Ourselves. Our purpose. Our birthright.


This is the true cosmic dance of the stars that is often misunderstood in traditional zodiac. It is not our fate that guides us, it is the fusion of choice and energy. To understand our course is to have a true understanding of archetypes, multiple rulerships, connections to the elements, and medicine.  When we alchemize the lineage in their TRUE forms, we see that astrology doesn’t isolate, it honors the space between sexuality, form, and gender roles.


Together we will:

-Redefine rulerships

-Understand lesser known archetypes / lineage

-Clarity on houses/ signs/ inter-relating

-Break free from the Shadow of traditional patriarchal narratives

-Be in safe, fun, fabulous community space of witchy enjoyment ... and more!

-Have clarity around the non-polarity/non-binary ways of interpretation

Excited to pair with The Alchemist Kitchen for this one. 

Come as you are.





Alchemy of Anger

Sept 29th (Mars Retrograde!) 8-9:30pm EDT -  Online

“We are constantly living on the edge of a volcano, and there is, so far as we know, no way of protecting ourselves from a possible outburst that will destroy everybody within reach."

- Carl Jung


Our outer realities are a mirror to our inner landscapes. 


Anger is essential to our healing process and deeper levels of self inquiry. Along with its sisters, resentment and regret, it can dominate our realities from our subconscious mind - where 80% of our life choices are made. Every nuance we feel in the human experience is either expressed or repressed, consciously and unconsciously. 


When these emotions are expressed in a safe way, greeting these Shadows with Freedom of expression, greater love and understanding we become more integrated, peaceful humans.


Join us as we enter into a playground of emotional discovery and mastery...the opportunity to feel and express without construct.  

Over the course of this workshop, we will:

- uncover deeper layers to this trigger

- explore mirror work 

-use somatics, breath, expression, energy purge, music and vocal

- clear, reprogram, integrate the heart


Come as you are.

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$40 Exchange. Help a friend 60$ for 2. 

Magick and the Queens of Shadow

Oct 15th via Alchemist Kitchen- Online

8-9:15PM ET


During this potent time while the ancestral gateways are open, we honor the
witchy women who carry the wisdom of the ages inside their womb. Often
misunderstood, these fierce badass creatures of ancient magick are left

unseen in their full potential.

As we delve into the Shadows for the dark half of the year, the gateways
open for Samhain (Witches New Year) or the reverend Dia de Los Muertos
(Day of the Dead) is the time when the veil is the thinnest. The spirits world
is open and it’s time to let go of what no longer serves us. ‘Tis the time of
Sex, Death & Rebith! Connecting with these Queens of Shadow, our beloved
Crone Goddesses and their sisters of transformation, are the conduit to
releasing, rebirthing and connecting to the yonic pathways of Life.


During this workshop we will learn:
- Mythology and magick

- A myriad of cross cultural Crone archetypes
- Herbs, practices and ceremony
- Enjoy a Panther Process Ritual Experience
- Channel our inner feminine badass without apology

- Release and rejoice



A Panther Process Experience Through narcissism, masks, control & manipulation.

Oct 20th, 9PM ET 

Kira our Curator will be LIVE for the Renown "Embodiment Conference" - FREE! 

Click HERE to register.

“Everything is about sex except sex. Sex is about power”- Oscar Wilde.

Herein lies this sharp Truth: sex in all forms is an exchange of power. The hunger of merging with another emotionally, physically, spiritually often emerges from Shadow in the form of a power struggle that shows up as codependency, narcissism, masks of self worth & control, addiction, and manipulation in many unconscious forms.


Can we have intimacy without an exchange of power?

What does the word “power” trigger for you?

Inside this workshop we engage with how this shows up in our relationships, belief systems, a highlighted theme of 2020, the astrology fueling it, and enjoy a Panther Process Curated Experience dancing with our Plutonian desire nature in 5D...freely. 

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