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Map of the Warrior Home

July is nothing short of powerful highlights illuminating the dichotomy of where we feel at "home" - both in our emotional landscape and the outworld consensus reality. Cancer energy is the "voice" of emotional suppression. Its extremely sensitive energy and can be piercingly insecure -so is Capricorn.... even though the Goat energy flees to the mountains for space still being able to protect the crowds below as opposed to a sandy hole where it can't see anything. The Crab doesn't like to be bothered, it literally has no backbone - only a hard shell and when you get close to it, they will attack defending ferociously its safety... its home.

It needs its shell to feel like it can deal with the world. The USA is a Cancer, and in fact this eclipse season plays a part in what that means politically on a large stage. Alas, keeping politics out of Panther is something I protect to keep everyone and all points of view ferociously safe so they can deal with the most important element of change, themselves. Safe to say, there are no coincidences. The First Eclipse (Eclipse is just a BIG Shadow) will take place on July 2nd and will effect 5-1

5 degrees Cancer/Cap in your chart, (followed by the 2nd on July 16th effecting 17-27 degrees). Being only 7 degrees from the Nodes (past/future dharma/karma) it will back a lovely punch on larger themes in your life that involve your place at "home" and your place in "society". The effects will flood into the Patriarchal (Capricorn/ Saturn / 10th house/ Society) and the Mothering (Cancer/ Moon/ 4th house/ Womb) areas of your life no matter what house these degrees fall in your chart. This is Anima/Animus, Male/Female roles...inner authority/outer authority. Where are you at home in the world if you can't be at home with yourself? This is the key to actualization. Add Mercury into the mix going stationary RX on the 7th, it too has tales to tell as it swings between Cancer/Leo. This combination of energy is a dance of "pull back, EXPRESS"- esp with Mars in Leo - and if you know anyone in your life with a strong combo of these energies you know they may not take a criticism or a taste of their own medicine very well. The Shadows emerge via extreme defense of their Ego and might cause this energy to pinch hard, swing its hair back, then flee into hiding from responsibility. I invite you during this time as it swings back and forth to balance your emotions before you express them, check your Ego, and DO express them. It's ok if it feels unsafe, do it anyway... take a chance to grow. There is no pop culture assessment for how this will play out for you. It depends where you are in your growth process, where the planets are vibing in your chart, and what is currently being triggered. If you have been in resistance, this will probably activate a serious of ripples that will feel aggravating. Or may feel like a giant slingshot forward. As one of my teachers Wolfram formulates: "Eclipse + transits + circumstances = Impact" Ultimately, the only way to move forward is to actualize what "home" is first. If we can't find that place within ourselves, the rest of the world and how they see us will always feel more important than our own feelings. It will play out in Shadow of codependency, narcissism, projections, victimhood. July is nothing short of powerful highlights illuminating the dichotomy of where we feel at "home" - both in our emotional landscape and the outworld consensus reality. So how do we get there? Step 1: Get a map. Ie, commit to this ride. Step 2: Realize that the roads appear like a "Choose Your Own Adventure" book as you begin walking. Step 3: Get/Stay really f**king honest with yourself. Step 4: Its gonna hurt sometimes. When it does, despite any feeling of insecurity, fraud or fear keep going. If it's not working, change direction. Step 5: Don't ask people for directions that have never been where you are going. I'll see you on the Path. High five me on the way. You are a Creator. Wahe Guru. Love and Grace, Kira

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