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Scorpionic tune of transformation

"At the core of all Anger is a need that is not being fulfilled." - Marshall B. Rosenberg Something triggered a wound recently and sent me into deeper layers with an old dear friend, Anger (elaborated on IG). It's been a wild ride discovering new layers and inside a situation I have no control over, which Anger loves to cameo. Perfect timing for Scorpio season and this New Moon, wouldn't you say?

Ah, the tune of Scorpionic Shadow melody... betrayal, abandonment, manipulation and full force relational triggers. I'm sure our friend M.Rosenberg (founder of non-violent communication) even though a Libra, had some strong Scorpio lurking in his chart enough to want to psychoanalyze all our projections into some semblance of peaceful understanding. This timing is impeccable as always with Sun/Moon opp Uranus (trauma, shock, liberation) with Mercury touching RX/Venus in Scorpio conj whispering new inquisitive words of Shadowy depth into our ears while Mars (engine, anger, sex, action, conscious desire) square Pluto (Soul, unconscious desire, transformation) argue about which way to go for our highest and best transformation this Season of Shadow. WOW. Thats a metamorphic hot bed this week. And with this intense energy comes the repressed Anger brought up by this lovely cocktail. There is nothing to bypass about it, and those who do are repressing the layers underneath. YES they do exist. YES Anger is a powerful tool to confront. YES it is safe and healthy to feel. Some say that meditation is a bypass of these deeper emotions beyond Anger... it is my personal study and belief that this is true. We can't meditate our problems away, it can give us bandwidth to handle them. We can only excavate and discover the medicine to heal the core emotions underneath. And underneath Anger, is copious Shame with a scoop of Fear on top. Under Anger, there is always copious amounts of Shame. It grows by the bushel in the belly. It makes us feel small and stupid. When we feel that "silly" feeling for asking or wanting something thats Shame. Sometimes we feel like a jackass for asking because we didn't it in the past. We were rejected. Made fun of. Or left by someone we love bc we were "too much" or "too little". All that brings Shame, conscious or unconsciously expressed. We become conditioned to hide from our Soul, our inner child, our experimental self, and it turns into Anger. Compounding relentlessly within, more and more until it becomes so electrically powerful it blows everything up around us or disconnected into dis-ease. That can feel easier than touching the pile of Shame that has grown into its own demon secretly ruling your life generally showing up as a lack of worth and a quiet scared voice who asks for nothing it really wants. Anger and Shame co-rule the 3rd Chakra, with Mars as its engine. We can decide to use Anger as a tool to lead us to where in our life we feel Shame when we follow the belief systems, the process work, and the body into new pathways of clarity. Give yourself this gift to face Anger full on this week and use this epic wave of energy to fully open the Pandora's Box, not project and run. REALLY show up for yourself right now. See where old shock and trauma patterns are arising and fill that need unmet. It's safe to Trust. I'll see you on the Path. Wahe Guru. Kira xx

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