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The META Part 2 - Generational trauma and healing

"It's up to you to change generational narratives. When they tell you 'this runs in the family', you reply 'this is where it runs the fuck out'".

Let's take it a step further. Can this be the moment you decide to identify your own survival trauma, PTSD, and belief systems to stop projecting any narrative that keeps you in a victim state of any facet of your own life?

This decision is where Chapter 2 of "The Meta of all of this", begins... with our epigenetics. They say 3-7 generations of trauma lies deep within our DNA structure. Herein lies the codes for our subconscious programming (80% of where we operate from) to which we carry a "residual" from. Lingering ghosts we feel, yet can't quite touch.

This manifests in anxiety, depression, and social difficulties. Studies have proven children and grandchildren of Holocaust survivors carry PTSD from their ancestors to the extent of medication and hospitalization. 70% of people at some point in their life experience trauma. Of that, 20% of them will develop PTSD which is 3-5x more likely to develop into anxiety, depression, isolation, substance abuse (yes that includes psychedelics + pot), and suicide.

We all need help sometimes. It's not always easy to realize how deeply it's affecting your life.

Controlled experiments in mice have allowed researchers to hone in on this question. A 2013 study found that there was an intergenerational effect of trauma associated with scent. The researchers blew acetophenone – which has the scent of cherry blossom – through the cages of adult male mice, zapping their foot with an electric current at the same time. Over several repetitions, the mice associated the smell of cherry blossom with pain...for generations after.

How does this apply to our current landscape?

Everyone’s survival trauma is lit up like the Maypole on Beltane. How could it not be? It's not so much the argument on whether or not someone is being called a "racist" in America, and certainly calling them that is not going to get sustainable results, more like obligatory guilt or bullied action...topped with a mountain of underlining resentment. It's designed to be violent language, and according to Rosenberg, non-violent language is the fast track to conflict resolution and healing. The META is more about everything that has been carried for hundreds of years and created such a charge of Shame and Fear it doesn't matter what a person says or does now, it could be cut with a knife in the air. It feels so raw and real, the pain takes over regardless.

It also takes away from the Truth of that word.

It's not about whether or not in this life someone has endured personal trauma around the safety of being who they are, it's about all the generations beforehand that taught them it was dangerous. THIS is where we have to start. Now add anything in their past experience that's already flavored via their subconscious/unconscious mind around survival, PLUS the trauma porn lacing the internet meant to trigger us over and over again (it is) ... and we are embedded in Fear with every decision, thought, action we make.

Easy to be controlled this way, isn't it. To boot, we are so divided we can't even listen to each other anymore without an argument.

Make no mistake, this polarity in language is meant to continue to exploit and play us all, even those we have good intentions to protect. No one has been working, having sex, being social and strained cash is the combo feeling like we are suddenly stripped of all the adult comforts of life - escapes from our ever present inner children still craving to heal from what our adult selves whisper is "in the past". Add booze, drugs, higher suicide and domestic abuse rates.

Now strike a match in the public eye using a devastating generational trauma. Terror.

Add confusing terms and context, counter productive language highly marketed (welcome to our entire media landscape), aggressive accusations...welcome to the blame/shame dumping keeping everyone operating in Shadow. If you are hard wired with existing genes and programmed with your own belief systems of Shame, it’s the perfect storm to lash out. Doesn't matter what color skin you have or where you come from, if it's buried inside it's an energetic law to be projected out.

“We are all volcanoes waiting to erupt”, C.J.

Feeling angry reading this? Sounds right on target.

And what else to do when we have been locked up, scarred and unsexed? Rage.

Bring in Black Moon Lilith fresh in Aries riding high to conjunct Chiron RX with Mars and Eris (the goddess of discontent), the anger is fueling the flames. It's like joining the wild west gunfight in Aries we are watching play out in the Matrix.

Yes, there is more intensity coming. This is why we have to show up and do this work more than ever before.

Imagine if we didn't carry trauma from past lives of others. Imagine if we could view the world with fresh eyes without pain from the past.

How can we identify what is ours, and what isn’t? How can we shake our ancestors off our energetic backs whilst still honoring their wisdom bequeathed?

Own all of it, even though it hurts. No matter what the circumstance, no matter how heinous the crime.

Heres how to dig in a bit deeper:

1. Witness your pain when triggered.

2. Identify where in your body you feel it.

3. Journal it. Has this happened before? When was the first memory of this happening? Who were you with?

4. Identify genetic history. What happened? How did they leave their country? Did they retain their identity? Were they chased out? Were they abused?

5. Notice your nuclear family. Have they incurred trauma? Does anyone suffer from anxiety or depression?

Digging into where have we victimized ourselves by not facing our own lineage traumas is liberating. By questioning our own boxes, our own families, we uncover the control others have over us and shred it. Don’t we all deserve to be Free? By doing this work we can help others with a clean lens of perception... we can see the Truth.

To go deeper in this release inquire here. Cat and I are here to help you unravel your greatest power. To turn your Fear into Freedom into 5D embodiment.

Wahe Guru,



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