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The Tiger's Eye + The Shadow of Shadows

"Society is collapsing, and people are starting to recognize that the reason they feel like they're mentally ill is that they're living in the system that's not designed to suit the human spirit"
- Jim Carrey

Inside the bated breath of the Tiger's inhale, we wait.

The sounds of the water beating breaking the walls against connection built over these two years of division. Is the relief we have been waiting for? Will the water soothe our pain? Is this year finally the savior at the gates ready to show us the way forward out of this confusing time?

Welcome to the Eye of the Storm. The portal beyond what you can see.

We have entered the next gate of the 222 - February 2nd 2022, Lunar New Year, Imbolc. Inside this portal you have all you need to plant the seeds to your own 5D embodiment. Now all you have to do is be aligned to call it in... easy, right?

The Tiger energy is that of mighty courage and power. Water will bring up the unknown depth fluidly from places yet discovered from your energy field, psyche and soma. If you can imagine with me now a nocturnal hunter who moves like water fiercely under the New Moon of the water bearer Aquarius, the outsider , the alien, the rebel,... the Freedom Fighter.

THIS is the energy now of the coming year.

Bring everything that is inside you... let the water wrap your body like a Kundalini snake activating all the courage in your body you didn't know you had to BREAK FREE of any chain that binds you from your sovereign nature. This time in history is the biggest awakening we have experienced in thousands of years. You are either a part of it, or your head is in the sand as the waves roll by to be left behind.

Let's break it down further.

The 1:1 is the "I AM" presence. It is the Divine within and what we call upon to invoke that channel every time a Panther container is held. It is inside every piece of mystic teaching, esoteric belief and religious psalm. Spirit is within us. We are Creators. Even the Panther Logo is embedded with this frequency in Hebrew script in a mirrored image.

It is the essence of who we are.

The 2:2 is the window to the Void in the other. It is seeing the multi-dimensional self in another...Now add another layer of that frequency. It is recognition of the 5 Dimensional body; the layers that cannot be seen by the 3D self. The Void of all creation. The Black Rainbow, the Shadow of Shadow. The hall of mirrors that DiVinci built centuries ago that go on for infinity.

The realm where anything is possible. This is the energy of the Tiger's Eye. This is where we are right now.

If you are out of alignment, this manifestation time will be missed. How to step in? STEP UP. Bring everything to the table right now you got... every emotion, every part of you that feels vulnerable or afraid. You can be afraid and be courageous at the same time... that is what FEARLESSNESS is. It is feeling it all, having the strength to feel it all, and doing it anyway. This is the medicine the Universe brings right now. Let the Tiger guide you into the Eye of the Storm, where you can see the next dimensions of self clearly as the Aquarian Alien seeing the world with new vision, and move like the water ninja to the next phase.

Perfect storm to open the gates for the next profound opportunity to align... RISE Retreat April 30th 222.

This is the last opp in Mexico, land of the free, for a while. If you have been thinking about it, DO IT. The time is now. See any obstacles as the outside world mirroring your subconscious resistance to HOW GREAT YOU ARE BECOMING. No more self sabotage. No more Fear body rulership.

If you have questions, reach out.

….see what happens when you Panther here.

What will pass through this portal of life and will be filtered out? How will you choose to die and be REborn? What are you gripping onto in Fear of losing while holding yourself hostage in the creation process of a million stars ...inside the Void of all Creation? The ultimate Black Rainbow surf.

Come unlock secrets of our subconscious and even cosmos together; die and re-emerge in a potent portal of this Earth.

Fwd this download with all those who need to be reminded of this medicine right now. There are many.

I am honored to be at your side on this planet igniting stars.

Wahe Guru.

ਸਤਿ ਨਾਮੁ



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