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"Woman's Day"...ish?

"God enters through the wound"
- Carl Jung

It's interesting to celebrate International Woman's Day ... our society trends androgynous and fights about biological sex... In our quest to support the individual we create another "mass" in order to feel "safe" as the polarity swings. Carl Jung would have a mouthful on this as the father of individuation.

I meditated for a while today and thought- I am not typical in indulging the "special day" or month of a sect of people - simply because I celebrate the individual every day. That's why I'm here, that's why Panther was made.

How can I honor the mass AND the individual today?

Great opportunity to ask the Shadow question to you, the individual in all your humanity in all parts: where do you suppress your FEMININE energy?

That above all, is the RISE of the Shakti current upward, the creation current, the LIFE FORCE of this world.

That my friends, exists in all of us. She is the waves, the moonlight, the flower growing outside your door. We have this energy inside of us. For some we are taught to be ashamed, we are taught to hide it. For both biological men and women, this exists. And those who identify somewhere between this is something that comes up more often than not as they navigate the world.

I invite you to take a moment today and forget society. Forget the noise of whatever group you belong to , or what anyone had to say. Screw it. Tune into yourself and ask:

"what do I deny myself receiving?"

"where do I judge myself weak / not strong enough?"

"why do I block myself from feeling _ emotion?"

"where do you feel unprotected right now in my life? "

It can be so incredibly hard to be vulnerable , especially these days.

The good news is... YOU CAN. You are powerful and brave and magnificent in your creation energy. Receive that statement.

Breathe in, breathe out.

If we give up our creation current even during the most uncertain times, we truly lose our balance. So don't. And celebrate right here in this moment where you feel vulnerable, creative... beautiful. I will join you.

This is how I choose to celebrate my feminine energy with you all today... Free and vulnerable...and pretty naked.

If you want to celebrate all you are with a band of wild and free humans, we are here under the Mexican sun with yoga, breathwork, magic, healing of 2020 and upgrade to a 5D body of ShadowMastery on March 20th.

TWO spots left for our retreat. RISE just in time for Equinox.

It's a crucial time to do this work - meet us on the other side of your fears.

We can guide you through.



La Pantera xx


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