September 25, 2019

Shadows of all things part 2. 

"We took a journey deep into the Shadows of the subconscious and spoke about victim consciousness, the drama/triangle, shame/guilt loops, waking up vs. chasing bliss, fractals of consciousness, astrology and how to consciously create your own reality. "

“The belief that something is wrong is the fire under the ass of humanity.” 
― Jed McKenna

I've been thinking about what to say coming home from Asia, how much I've wanted to share with you all. 
About whats happening in the world, about my personal process, the profound restructuring that is taking place in the world right now that we have all felt on a myriad of intensity ranging from home, family , to love and spiritual connection. 
It feels like the galaxy is undergoing this renovations so fast it feels nearly impossible to make solid agreements or contracts for the next phase when it seems to be shredding us into advancement that much quicker every day. 

The higher we vibrate, the more attune we are to these shifts. 

July is nothing short of powerful highlights illuminating the dichotomy of where we feel at "home" - both in our emotional landscape and the outworld consensus reality. 

Cancer energy is the "voice" of emotional suppression. Its extremely sensitive energy and can be piercingly insecure -so is Capricorn.... even though the Goat energy flees to the mountains for space still being able to protect the crowds below as opposed to a sandy hole where it can't see anything. The Crab doesn't like to be bothered, it literally has no backbone - only a hard shell and when you get close to it, they will attack defending ferociously its safety... its home.

It needs its shell to feel like it can deal with the world.

The USA...

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”- Proust.

This summer, the energies are held by the exact conjunction of Pluto/Saturn. The Lord of the Underworld and the Lord of Karma/Time don’t really give us a chance to ignore the current global transformation illuminating our collective Shadows at their core. Building since January, they were joined with the South Node (unresolved Shadow from the past) and have certainly led us on a wild ride in this first half of 2019, kicking up old wounding that we once thought resolved.

As we allow ourselves to take a breath this summer and dream our midsummer night dreams floating in the sea, wonderment floods our Spirit at the possibility of e...

I'm like a tree. My leaves might change color, but my roots are the same.
-Rose Namajunas

**I recently wrote a piece on lineage Shadow as its been an important topic lately as I've just gotten my DNA results. Take a read and connect. 

"What does it mean to know where we come from: Is it the blood we’ve been given or the energetic path that we have chosen that offers us a deeper connection to self? 

Feeling safe and secure are the building blocks and boundaries of how we can function as healthy humans. Without it, nothing is sustainable. When we are connected to our bodies and feel held, anything is possible with a platform to jump into the void of creation.

Looking at the chakra system, Muladhara (translation from sanskri...

“Like gravity, karma is so basic we often don't even notice it.” 
― Sakyong Mipham

The last few months starting in January, we have felt the subtle and powerful waves of Pluto (the Soul, the Shadow, transformation, Kundalini) approaching its conj with the South Node (Karmic past), with Saturn - our friend Time- very close by. All last week I sat in a fevered bed caught somewhere in between the psychic realms, some forms of past lives, extreme bodily pain, and the 3D reality- clearing clearing clearing. 

On Thursday Pluto and the S. Node was exact and about eight lifetimes seemed to dangle in front of me that needed cleansing. That's exactly what Pluto/S.Node are all about, going through the hell realms of your Ka...

"(Kira) I'm a teacher, I'm a guide... you gotta go your own way. Sometimes I catch myself and say: Ok so I'm a professional witch and today someone purged a past life of being burned or a death trauma... I walked around and banged a drum and pulled a demon out of someones stomach - cool, who's hungry.

(Sean) "Another day at the office".

"(Kira) Being in the modern world and doing this... It's really easy to be the Shaman on the mountain, be the healer on the mountain, it's really easy to not be in the world and be connected - how do you do this an integrate and still be a human and have these experiences. How do you be the thousand year old witch in the young woman's body and then.. go on a date."

Honored to introduce this fluid,...

"Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it."

All the feels of the 12th house have been unavoidable especially the last week as the Sun, Mercury and Neptune launched us into our emotional body solidified by the New Moon. Not to be left out, the planet of liberation and shock Uranus has finally, fittingly, committed to staying in Taurus for the next 7ish years solidifying our new realities. 

But what will they be?  Everything has felt so damn confusing.

We won’t have those answers until we let ourselves feel all the water feelings that are draining our subconscious in this energetic period.
It's ok, you are not alone. 

I watched “The Shape of Wa...

“The tigers of wrath are wiser than the horses of instruction.” 
― William Blake

Anger is a dirty word in the "spiritual community"- it isn't allowed to be expressed, for we must be the Buddha in nature. 
This goal of "stillness"... and yes, space is key to existing in this body and on this Earth in the 3D realities that we have created where action is the way of life. 

What happens to the rest of our human emotions?

That trained voice to “not care” or “let it go” in order to find peace usually results in suppression- it’s also called Denial. Without speaking our Truth or owning our vulnerable feelings what do we have that’s REAL?

We can't sit still our whole life. 

While we feel Chiron wrap up its final degree in Pisces- the Balsami...

It has been a time recognizing what structures no longer serve us, whether it be ripped out from under us in this intense spectrum of energy that swirled around us in 2018, or coming to cold real Truth.... what can we do to stay rooted, committed and balanced on whats coming next. 

Johnson Chong - New York Native and talented spiritual healer/entrepreneur - came back to Gotham for a visit. He asked me if I would sit with him and real talk about being grounded as a spiritual being/teacher/guide here in the Urban Chaos for Sage Sapien.

We touch on many informative tools of spiritual living to stay balanced- diet, commitment, using tools properly without victimizing yourself, how to live IN your body while being connected, and the ir...

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