"What will the future bring? 

From time immemorial this question has occupied (hu)man's minds, though not always to the same degree. 

Historically, it is chiefly in times of physical, political, economic and spiritual distress that eyes turn with anxious hope to the future, 

and when anticipations, utopias and apocalyptic visions multiply".

- Carl Jung

Here we are.... another ending.

Remember, thats all it is. 

We have the Lunar, Solar, Pagan, Jewish, Balinese, (to name a few) and our own personal New Year, the Solar Return (birthday) - that all personally mean more to than this calendar archetype. 

So many ways to celebrate and start "anew".

When we set these "goals" we set up a lethal expectation and pressure, feeding our subconscious...

The Panther Process was forged from the ferocious exhaustion of working in three of the most stressful industries in New York City. After more than a decade in the film, fashion and real estate industries, and a trail of ‘failed’ relationships, I finally walked away from a successful career in the city’s stratospheric real estate market after deciding I’d had enough of killing myself for what I had deemed ‘achievement’. Too tired to pursue my passions, too exhausted to enjoy my life, enslaved by the hamster wheel, with my broken heart I closed my eyes and pulled in deep to make a deal with the Universe.

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